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Guild Wars 2 Thief Builds & Skills

Updated on April 22, 2013

The Best Guild Wars 2 Thief PVP and PVE Builds

Playing the Thief can be hard if you don't got the right build for the right situation. And creating your own build isn't that easy when there's so many skills, gear and traits to choose from. That's why I made this list so that Guild Wars 2 players can play this powerful profession to it's fullest. You will find Thief Builds for any situation on this page, for Leveling, sPVP, World vs World combat, PVE

My best advice would be that you use any of the Thief Builds you can find on this page and then that you modify them so that they suit your own play style better, because we all play this game different. Maybe just remove and replace some skill that you like more or add a few extra trait points to something you want more of. Make the builds your own and you will own the battlefields!

I'm not the creator of any of these builds or any of these videos, this is just my list of builds that I enjoy playing.

Cloak And Dagger Thief PVP Build

It's all about using dagger and cloak to do some extreme damage. The video talks about everything you need to know about this build. What traits and skills to use, how you should play with this build and of course choosing the right PVP gear for your thief is very important and he shows you what to choose and what to think about when it comes to armor and weapons. This build has a huge amount of power making it extremely powerful but if played wrong can be rather fragile. This build is just perfect for sPVP and Tournaments in Guild Wars 2. Get ready to stack up some real damage.

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Guild Wars 2 - World vs World Thief Build

This build is mainly focused on World vs World as the thief but it will also work for PVE. This build uses dual daggers with a short bow as secondary weapon. The short bow is great for some distance aoe when defending a keep for example. It's important to know what battles you should go melee with the daggers and just charge the enemies and in what situations it's better to back off and take out the enemies with the short bow from a distance, because we all know how frustrating it is to die in WvW

The video talks about everything you need to know to get started with this build, traits, skills, armor, weapons, etc etc. Of course it will be harder to customize your character after this guide because in World vs World and PVE you can't just browse and get any armor, weapon and runes for free (like you can in PVP and sPVP) Getting the right gear for PVE and WvW takes a lot more time and a lot more gold to achieve. But you just watch it and get some great tips and tricks on what to think about when playing the Thief in World vs World for example.

Guild Wars 2 Thief PVP Build/Spec

This Thief build is about the dual daggers & dual pistols, everything double! ;D This spec is perfect for either sPVP and Tournaments in GW2.

This build is all about all out power, like most builds for the thief it's a lot of power and very little defence, so don't get mad if you die a lot with this build before you learn how to master it. This works fantastic in one versus one situations in sPVP but in larger fights against more then one enemy it can get tricky, it's not impossible it's just that this build is more focuses on the 1vs1 fights, so make sure you don't jump into any large groups, because things can get painful then! The video dose a fantastic job explaining everything so all I can do is suggest you check it out!

(Be aware that this Theif Build is a bit old, so everything isn't up to date but the build still works great)

Guild Wars 2 Thief Leveling Build

This is a great build for anyone who's leveling their Thief up, using the dual daggers and dual pistols for some epic damage. The build is all about high damage and also have a high survival rate so you can avoid dieing all the time (witch is a huge problem as the Thief) The video talks about what traits to use and what weapons that works the best for the Thief Profession when leveling, it's everything a noob thief needs to know.

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