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How to beat Gym leader roxanne of Rustboro and Brawly of Dewford Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Updated on March 1, 2015
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire
Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire | Source

Help with Gyms Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby revamp

Need help with this revamp of the classic ruby and sapphire? Stuck at one particular gym? Have no fear, this nifty guide will come as an aide to your quest to become the best and we will get some strong Pokémon on the way.




Rustboro Gym
Rustboro Gym
Gym Leader Roxanne
Gym Leader Roxanne
Stone Badge
Stone Badge

Beating Rustboro Gym

So you made it past the Petalburg woods and into Rustboro city, where you will face the rock hard Pokémon gym leader Roxanne.

If you have started with the fire-type Torchic then you will need help from a few other team members that will give you the edge.

Beating Roxanne


Geodude lv12 Ability: Sturdy (Stops one hit knock outs)

Moves: tackle, defense curl, rock tomb

Nosepass Lv14 Ability: Sturdy

Moves: Tackle, harden, rock tomb

Effective Pokémon:

Shroomish Learns Mega drain at level 12 and has absorb as its starting move (Great for other gyms too as it is a grass type that evolves and then becomes a grass - fighting)

Makuhita Great fighting type with a powerful move set and its arm thrusts hits 2 - 5 times each attack which when hit it will activate sturdy and then the next thrust should finish. The attack Force Palm deals damage and has a 30% chance of paralyzing the target too. Super!

Wingull Although it is a flying type its Water Gun attack is quite effective against the rock-ground types. If you level it up to level15 it learns Water Pulse a powerful water attack that even Nosepass would struggle to survive against.

Your Starter will overcome all members of the gym, if you didn't pick Torchic.

This is because they both have the moves to easily pass this gym.

Trade Pokémon

Catching a Slakoth before the first gym is a really good idea because it has an amazing job. This job is trading it with a Makuhita. It is a strong fighting type that will be a big help inside this Gym because of its arm thrust attack. This one is even holding an X Attack to sweeten the deal.

Seedot and Lotad

I didn't include these 2 because of the fact that they are version exclusives which means i cannot promote using one if your cannot get one to use fairly. To me these two grass type Pokémon are really not worth using only to gain Pokedex entries. Unless you like the rain dancer Ludicolo and the defiant dark knight Shiftry.

Shiftry move-set:

Leaf Blade (Grass gets STAB), Hurricane (flying), Foul Play (dark STAB), Giga Impact.

Ludicolo (Rain Dish ability) Move-set:

Giga Drain (Grass gets STAB), Surf (Water STAB), Toxic (Poison), Rain dance (Water)

I believe that these 2 move-sets are perfect for these unique Pokémon because of the fact that the abilities have given them an edge when powered up. Ludicolo has an ability called rain dish and rain dance lets it recover health each and every turn. With Giga drain to recover when attacking and toxic to suck the life out of your opponent, this critter could be proven to be lethal in the right hands.

Nintendo World




Dewford Gym
Dewford Gym
Knuckle Badge
Knuckle Badge

Pokémon To Avoid:

  • Slakoth - Still avoiding this one as it is a normal type and is at a major disadvantage to both Pokémon that Brawly has.
  • Aron - It will be strong enough to give the elite four problems later on and other gyms but for now leave this Steel - ground type in the pc.
  • Sableye - you may thing this is good because they can't really attack you being a ghost - dark type but then it will be a slow and painful fight.
  • Seedot/Lotad - Still leaving these two out because they are version exclusives and they are still not good enough to be part of this gym beating team.
  • Poochyena - One word, Dark! Dark type against fighting is a super no-no unless you want them to 1 hit ko you.

Zigzagoon - His headbutt is good but against Machops karate chop it will not survive.

Beating Dewford Gym

The Dewford Town Pokémon Gym is the second gym in the Hoenn region. The trainers in this gym only use Fighting-type Pokémon.

This Match up makes them weak to Psychic, Flying, and Fairy type attacks So here is where your Tailow and ralts could shine. Fighting Types can easily resist Bug, Dark, and Rock type attacks.

It's best if you don't use Poochyena, Slakoth, Geodude, or Aron or they may get knocked out pretty quickly Due to the Effectiveness of this typing. So before you start check your Team and if you feel lucky take out your Pokeballs and enter Granite Cave to get an illusive Abra.

Beating Brawly

Now Brawly should be easy enough to beat if you have managed to catch the right team. his team consists of 2 Fighting Pokémon with some good balanced attacks that will if the battle takes a few turns Bulk-Up and start to seriously cause trouble.

Machop Lv14:

Karate Chop (High Critical Hit Ratio)
Seismic Toss
Bulk Up

Makuhita Lv16:

Arm Thrust (attacks 2 - 5 times)
Knock Off
Sand Attack
Bulk Up.

Pokémon To Use:

  • Kadabra - That elusive Abra in the cave that almost got away train it hard and soon it will evolve to become a formidable ally in your team learning confusion straight after evolution is key to this Psychic Powerhouse.
  • Dustox - Yes that little weak Wurmple in the woods that kept wanting to battle evolves into this powerful Pokémon at just level 10!! This Bug-Poison type has such great moves that even the Elite Four has begun using it. At level 10 it learns Gust straight after evolving and then after a few levels learns confusion itself.
  • Zubat - Yes even this little annoying bat is highly valued when it comes to stats and moveset. Not only is it great when friendly because it evolves into Crobat and can be meddlesome with Cross Poison and Super Fang mixed with Confuse Ray. Zubat's great as it has Wing Attack at lv 13.
  • Wingull - Yes another flying type but this time Wing Attack comes in at Lv 8 this time.
  • Tailow - Wing Attack Lv13 and Peck as standard. Quick with a great speed stat and overall your main flying type.
  • Ralts - The Psychic that can turn into a separate mission all together. Its illusive but with a male comes Gallade/Gardivoir and if Female comes just Gardivoir.

Now let us talk about Gallade and its mission of powerful attack chaining with Stored power If you have a Pokémon that can bulk itself up then change to Gallade using a move to keep stat changes,

Gallade can use those to power up its Stored Power move to formidable power and ohko almost all battlers in its way. Not just that, False swipe will allow it to be helpful in catching legendary and other Dex entries by lowering their health to 1hp.

Question Time

Which Pokemon did you use to finish off Makuhita?

See results

Catching Your Ralts


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