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Half-Life 2

Updated on September 10, 2015
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman | Source

Half-Life 2, a video game launched in 2004, is still hitting the market. It is probably the best game I’ve ever played. The game is from Valve Corporation which has launched many other great games such as Portal, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike, Day of Defeat and Team Fortress.

Half-Life 2 is a First Person Shooter game. You, as Gordon Freeman, will be taken to City 17. City 17 is a place ruled by a force called ‘Combine’. You’ll need to end all this by travelling and completing various missions (levels). This game is extremely hard; no cheats. The game is not going to end at the final level. The story continues in Half-Life 2: Episode 1 and Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Half-Life 2 was selected as the ‘Game of the Decade’. It won the Game of the Year award at IGN, GameSpot’s Best Shooter Award, and Reader’s Choice at GameSpot. Edge Magazine awarded Half-Life 2 with the ‘Best Game’ Award. This game also has a record in Guinness World Records. It has the record of ‘Highest Rated Shooter by PC Game Magazine”. It also has a title award, “First Game to Feature a Gravity Gun”.

There are many errors/bugs in the game. The errors won’t really let you play the game. The most annoying one was “Microsoft Runtime C++ Library Error!”. This can occur anytime. To fix this do the following:

1. Create a shortcut (in the Desktop) for the main application that opens Half-Life 2. The application’s name, usually, is hl2.

2. Go to the Desktop, choose Properties.

3. Under “Shortcut” tab, you’ll see “Target” box.

4. This is the main part. Add ‘- +mat_forcehardwaresync 0’ at the end, without inverted commas. Note: there is a space between ‘-’ and ‘+’, and no space between ‘+’ and ‘mat’.

5. Select apply and then OK.

Another bug is inside the game, which stops the motion of environment objects in the game. Whenever, this bug appears, you will see “A.I. Disabled” text on the bottom-right of the screen. To fix this, follow these steps:

1. Enable ‘Console’ by going to ‘Options’ > Keyboard.

2. To open the Console, press the ‘~’ key (below Esc Key).

3. In the box, type ‘ai_disable 0’ without inverted commas and press enter.

4. This should fix the bug. The bug may reappear after next Loading. In that case, repeat the above steps again.

Tips for playing Half-Life 2:

1. You need not save game frequently. Whenever the computer or game crashes or force closes, an Auto save is done.

2. Use Shotgun. One shot easily kills a Combine soldier, and two shot will kill an Ant Lion.

3. Do not get confused between an empty crate and an ammo crate. An ammo crate also sometime has health pack and grenades. An ammo crate is smaller than an empty crate, and it will have yellow-like marking on its sides.

4. In the mission of Sandtraps, Gravity Gun is the most useful. Use gravity gun to bring objects near to you, so that you can jump over them and avoid ant lions appear. (5 to 6 Ant Lions appear at once, if you step or walk over Sand in Sandtraps mission).

5. When your health is about to be empty, quickly save the game so that you can try it again and again instead of playing an old save.

6. When you are low on ammo, use Gravity Gun to invert the Ant Lions upside down. They will run to you again, till then you’ll get a lot of time to run to a safe place.

I have been playing Half-Life 2 since 8 months, and I am still on Nova Prospekt mission. Still 40% of the game is left to be completed. You can now understand how interesting and hard the game is.

Will you try Half-Life 2?

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    • ronny2005 profile image

      ronny2005 6 years ago from HubPages

      Thank you, Youebaree! Certainly the best game!

    • yoebaree profile image

      Hunor Barabás 6 years ago from Romania

      A great hub about my favourite game! Well done sir!


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