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1/2 oz Canadian Gold Maple

Updated on December 7, 2012

Have you seen a gold maple coin before?

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For those of you who have an interest in gold bullion and gold coins but have not seen a maple before, here are some close up shots of a 1/2 oz Canadian Gold Maple leaf coin!

Such a coin is naturally minted in Canada, as compared to say American Silver Eagles that come from America or Australian Koalas that come from Australia.

The face of it is of course a gold maple leaf, as it is eponymous with its name.

The front value of the coin would be $20 canadian dollars, as opposed to the $50 of the 1 oz coin. It is by diameter only slightly smaller, but happens to be half the weight of the 1 oz.

On the flip side you can see the face as well as the value of 20 Dollars. Historically canadian maple leafs has been more easily accessible in that it has a slightly lower premium as compared to their American counterparts. It also follows the spot price more closely and due to that you can find bargains due to the alleged market manipulation that some banks have been accused of in bringing the prices down at strategic time periods. You can basically 'buy the dip' in the spot price of gold for some physical bullion during this times of low gold price. If gold becomes too pricey one could always grab some silver bullion coins.

A funny thing for silver coins (as compared to gold ones), is that sometimes the value of the metal can surpass their face values. In germany, a batch of partially silver coins had to be halted because the silver content was worth more than the face value of the coin!

Some people even extend this to other metals that go into the coins like copper or nickel, but those would definitely take up a lot of space.

Try to get your coin with some form of protective covering, be it a sheath of plastic or a casing as it will scratch easily. That said, if you are looking to resell it in the future most bullion buyers would focus on the amount of gold in oz or weight within in and not how it looks on the outside. The reason for this is that the inherent value of the gold is worth more than the collector value of a coin that is commonly minted, and the coinage serves to act as a guarantee of its contents.

Recently, an astonishing news emerged that when the Deposed Prime Minister of Tunisia fled, his family went away with 1.5 tons of pure gold. That appears to be about 25% of Tunisia's gold reserves.

Even more recently, Germany has had been facing public calls regarding the recalling of its gold reserves back into their country.


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