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Halo 4 New Weapons

Updated on November 7, 2012

Halo 4 New Weapons

In Halo 4, the Master Chief is awoken by Cortana. Ships approach the wrecked Forward Unto Dawn, and there is a chance the Master Chief could be retrieved and returned to humanity for proper recognition of his achievements. Armed with the classic halo old weapons the master chief assault rifle and his pistol, the Master Chief embarks on a new adventure. With new adventures come new (or newish) weapons, and this will illustrate some of the weapons in Halo 4.

Halo 4 Find A Way Home with Old Weapons

Sucked and then dropped onto the planet Requiem, the Master Chief picks himself and tries to find a way home with old weapons. First, he must explore the surface of Requiem. The Chief finds plenty of old weapons. These old weapons include -

  • the needle machine gun
  • the storm rifle
  • the plasma pistol (an old time "does nothing to your enemy" favorite)
  • the beam weapon
  • the carbine rifle
  • the plasma grenades

With these old weapons, it feels like old times, as Master Chief tries to storm his way past familiar covenant cannon fodder. Except, for the first part of his time on Requiem, there are actually no enemies to shoot at with these old halo weapons. The Chief must try to find a way home. First look for a covenant ship with an active console, and then look for a crevice to go out near these two dark blue to almost black covenant ships.

Just as the Chief finds a way out of the first initial barren wastelands, he expects to use the halo old weapons to attack Covenant foes. And so he does, but only have a long long long trek through more wastelands. Demolish the covenant foes at the end of the long trek and then demolish more covenant foes as the Chief activates the Cartographer.

Master Chief and Cortana are alerted to the presence of Infinity, a ship that could take them home. Salvation for the Chief and especially for the rapidly degenerating A.I. Cortana.

Halo 4 Scattershot

Halo 4 Scattershot
Halo 4 Scattershot

Halo 4 Weapons

The true Halo 4 starts as the last platoon of Covenant forces are destroyed, and the Chief enters an area where he must get to the pylons. Here the new monsters and new or newish weapons start appearing.

First, the Chief will get a shield, which he can use to repel and reproject enemy attacks. The shield can be used as a barrier to try to push enemy firepower back as the Chief heads forth to land numerous "Master Chief elbow attacks" at the new monsters. This is an important technique especially when the Chief runs out of ammunition, which will be quite often indeed. Defeat the enemies with the elbow attacks and claim the new weapons.

Next, the Chief will get a Boltshot. These are like pistols which fire off bolts at the enemies. They can be pressed longer to create a more powerful shot, but the more powerful shots cannot be held for long. They will be released regardless of whether the Chief has proper aim at the enemy.

Firing off numerous bolts will no doubt down the enemies. With enemy defeats come more weapons. One of these weapons will be the long range Lightrifle. These fire off long range shots and take down enemies from far. But they are less effective at close range.

The really addictive weapons are picked up as the Chief heads closer and closer towards shutting off the beam. These can be picked up from weapon shelves or from fallen enemies. The Suppressor will, no doubt, force its user to have to consciously think three or four times before they will change this weapon. The Suppressor allows a rapid and almost seamless stream of firing at the enemies, and the good thing is, they have lots of ammunition. So fire away and carry on.

And then there is the Scattershot - the "new" version of the shotgun. Run close to the enemies and fire off one shot. Most of the time, with accurate aiming, there's all that is required.

These weapons are acquired in the early part of the halo 4 game, and their effectiveness and use are best chronicled with a video. More halo 4 weapons will no doubt be uncovered as the game continues.


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