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The Importance of Plating In Hand Made Pens

Updated on June 9, 2011

The Importance of Plating In Hand Made Pens

Hand made pens require the correct plating to be their best.

Hand made pens are a product of their materials and their craftsmanship.  These elements combine to create these unusual, captivating creations.  Once a hand made pen is completed, the exact same pen is never made again.

Usually in discussion of materials for hand made pens, wood dominates the conversation.  Cherry, black walnut, cedar, white oak, and the like are the main topics while another important element is essentially forgotten.  This element is just as important as it plays off the wood in a sometimes subtle but always noticeable way.  The final effect of the pen is incomplete without this component.

The importance of plating in hand made pens should not be underestimated.  While only one part of a larger whole, without this part the process and the product would be incomplete.  The plating helps to make the pen a finished product.

Hand Crafted Pens Selection

Possible Pen Plating Choices

There are many possible plating choices when it comes to hand crafted pens.  Each contributes differently to the finished product and gives a distinctly different feel.  The plating selections that can be used include: 24ct gold, brush satin, black enamel, titanium, black titanium, copper, and platinum group (rhodium).  Any one of these choices can offset a particular piece of wood in a complimentary way.

The Proper Accessories

This following is a good way to think of handcrafted pen plating: It is like matching accessories to an outfit. While you may or may not have experience creating perfect outfits, you can surely appreciate the impact that the right (or wrong) accessories have on the final effect. The right plating is just as crucial.

Hand made pens are made complete by the right plating choices. There are many choices, but those choices must be matched to the material and the appearance of the pen. Just as the right accessories can make the outfit, the right plating can make the pen.

Make Me A Match

The wood and the plating choice must be matched properly to each other to produce the desired effect with the final product. It is not only the type of wood that must be matched to the plating. Anyone who has worked with wood knows of the individual nature of each piece. Each has its own texture and grain quality and thusly requires special consideration when choosing a matching plating. The same is true when a pen is crafted from corian, deer antler, or other materials – just some of the beautiful materials you’ll find at Papa’s Hand Crafted Pens - see their blog below.

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