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Hand Turned Pens – Pens Made From Non-Wood Materials

Updated on June 28, 2011

Hand Turned Pens – Pens Made From Non-Wood Materials

Hand turned pens are beautiful. Hand made pens can be made from more than wood. Some other materials that can be used are acrylic, corian, and even deer antlers.

Hand turned pens can be made from a variety of materials. While many people focus on wood exclusively as the material for creating hand turned pens, there are many other materials that can be used to create different effects. Each material has its own qualities and gives puts its own spin on the resulting writing instrument.

Wood is a popular choice for hand turned pencils and pens for a reason. It is beautiful, durable, and lends itself well to the chiselling process. Of course, every type of wood possesses its own unique properties and the choices of types of wood are numerous.

Still, sometimes you are looking for a finished result that stands apart from classic wood pens. Perhaps you want a pen that really says something new or that expresses your individual style. The other materials that can be used in customised pens can fill these needs.

Types of Materials for Handcrafted pens

Acrylic Pencils and Pens

Acrylic pens are always an option.  First you may be asking what exactly acrylic is.  Acrylic is any one member of a collection of substances that are derived from acrylic substances or similar compounds.  

When these are put together then the resulting material can have an array of attractive colors and patterns.  If you are seeking a colorful hand turned pencil or pen then you will surely want to look into the acrylic versions of traditional wood pencils and pens.

Acrylic handcrafted Pen

Corian Pencils And Pens

Corian is another fine choice of material from which to make hand turned pencils and pens.  Again, you may ask what corian is.  Corian is made when natural minerals are combined with acrylic polymer.  The result is something different from acrylic and is a durable, attractive material.  Of course, it also lends itself to the hand turning process. 

Corian Pens

Deer Antler Pencils And Pens

This one always makes people take a second look. They cannot believe that pens and pencils are made from real deer antlers and then they are captivated to see this type of pencil or pen in real life. This type of material can be a real attention getter.

These deer antlers can come from many species of deer and produce an understandably unique product. These pens are suited to hunters or those who appreciate nature's beauty. They're a good conversation starter too.

Hand turned pens can be made from more than wood. Acrylic pens, corian pens, and deer antler pens can all be used to form handcrafted pens for every taste. If you want to deviate from the typical hand turned wood pen then you can try any one of these varieties at Papa’s Hand Made Pens, which is a fantastic gift source.

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