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Hanging With Friends Lifelines

Updated on March 2, 2012

Hanging With Friends Lifelines

This article details the lifelines of the iPhone App (game) Hanging With Friends from Zynga and New Toy, Inc. I will cover the details of each lifeline and hints as to when and how you should use them.

I am not affiliated with either company in any way.

I'll use Hangin or Hanging interchangeably throughout this page. The official name is Hanging... but I've noticed many people use the other term as well.

This page assumes you know the basics of playing Hangin With Friends. If not, see my other page on this site HERE: Understanding Hangin With Friends

Hangin With Friends Lifelines
Hangin With Friends Lifelines

About Hanging With Friends Lifelines

the if's ands' n Buts

To ensure you fully understand the use of Lifelines in Hanging with Friends, you must understand the basic terms of game play. I'll use "Game" to refer to a match between you and another person. I'll use "Turn" to refer to each word you are trying to guess.

The Hangin with Friends app (Yes, you can call it Hanging or Hangin) allows you three possible hints (lifelines) you can use. Suspects, Extinguish, or Revive. These are represented by icons of Handcuffs, a Fire Hydrant, and a Band-aid respectively.

You do not have to use your lifelines at all.

You are allowed 1 lifeline use per turn. This means that for each word you are trying to guess, you can only use 1 lifeline, 1 time.

You are allowed 1 use of each lifeline for free per game. Let's say that your first word to guess is ZONE and you use the Suspects Lifeline to guess (or miss) that word. Your next word is EXAMPLE and you are stuck and want to use a lifeline. You may not use the Suspects lifeline for FREE, but you can pay 20 coins to use it if you feel that will be the most beneficial to you. Otherwise you can use the Extinguish or Revive lifeline's for free this turn.

Once you use a lifeline, whether free or paid for with game coins, the lifeline menu becomes "grayed out" meaning none of them are selectable for that turn, or until your next word.

Keep in mind that you only should use a Lifeline if you need it, and if it'll probably help. Of course if you have thousands of coins then you can be a bit loose with the lifelines, but otherwise ... choosing a lifeline when you have 1 strike and _ _ U _ E as a word probably isn't going to help. That said, if you're beating your opponent to the point where they only have 1 strike left and you have 4 you also might want to consider not using a lifeline and just taking a wild guess. No sense spending the coins if you don't need to.

Hanging With Friends Lifeline Suspects
Hanging With Friends Lifeline Suspects

Lifeline Suspects

The Handcuffs Lifeline

The first of the three lifelines available on Hanging With Friends is Suspects

This lifeline will show you (by way of dimming all others) 4 letters. One of which is guaranteed to be in the word you're trying to solve. I prefer waiting until I can get the word down to 1 missing letter and I only have 1 or 2 strikes left. If you have _ A _ C E as your word you're trying to guess, Getting down to 4 letters may or may not be helpful. If it shows you R S P Q you can be relatively assured Q is not an option. R S and P, however, can all be part of the word.

Now assume you have _ I V E D as in the photo at the right. It could be LIVED, JIVED, HIVED... I only have 2 strikes left. I need the Suspects Lifeline here. Notice the choices it gave me. Now I can eliminate L as a possibility, I'm left with Jived or Hived. At this point I start questioning myself and wondering if FIVED is a word, but that's just paranoid old me. It was Hived, by the way.

WARNING: When the game shows you 4 letters, either write them down or remember them! Once you choose your first letter, the game will no longer amplify those 4. You'll be shown the full board again and if you guess wrong, you're going to be pretty upset at not remembering the other 3! Another thing to consider: To the best of my knowledge, there is 1 right answer and 3 wrong answers. If you use the lifeline early and get the right one, and still have letters left, the other 3 letters it showed you are NOT in the puzzle. This is essentially like using the Extinguish at the same time.

Hanging With Friends Lifeline Extinguish
Hanging With Friends Lifeline Extinguish

Lifeline Extinguish

The Fire Hydrant Lifeline

The second Lifeline you can choose from is the Fire Hydrant, or as Hanging with Friends calls it, the Extinguish Lifeline.

This lifeline will remove 4 random letters from the available letter pool. This may or may not help you solve the word. Personally, I think the best use of this is when you have a small word and RST aren't in it. At that point, you're clueless as to which way to go with it and ridding yourself of 4 bad options seems to help.

The photo at the right is a good illustration of this. Having tried RST and getting no hits, I could use Extinguish and at least get rid of 4 random letters. Granted Z wouldn't have been one of my first choices, it was nice to have the game take away D I and M.

The word was Quale...and yes, I guessed it.

Lifeline Revive Hanging with Friends
Lifeline Revive Hanging with Friends

Lifeline Revive

The Band-Aid Lifeline

The last of the 3 lifeline options you have is Revive. The picture of the band-Aid gives you an idea, you get to cover up a boo-boo :-)

The best use of this is when you're down to 1 letter and have 2 choices in your mind that it can be, but only have 1 strike left. If you're looking at D _ Z E then it can obviously only be DAZE or DOZE. If you're down to 1 strike you can either take your 50/50 chance or use the Revive Lifeline and you're going to get this word right.

The photo to the right isn't a perfect illustration of this, as X is the only logical choice. Finding the right opportunity to use this lifeline isn't easy as it just doesn't help most of the time (exclusion listed above).

Notice how I have 5 red letters (wrong guesses) and only 4 strikes.

The word was AXIONS.

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