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Harley Quinn's Revenge Rescue GCPD Officers

Updated on November 27, 2012

Harley Quinn's Revenge Rescue GCPD Officers

Swoop from high ground and take out Harley Quinn's thugs - tactics that deliver time and again
Swoop from high ground and take out Harley Quinn's thugs - tactics that deliver time and again

Harley Quinn's Revenge Rescue GCPD Officers

In Harley Quinn's Revenge (part of Batman Arkham City DLC), the Bat swings into action after (or before, chronically speaking) Robin goes on to investigate Batman's disappearance. Batman must rescue the GCPD officers from Harley Quinn. This will guide Batman on how to defeat Harley Quinn's thugs and then advance into the chamber with the kidnapped GCPD officers.

Harley Quinn's Revenge Defeat Harley Quinn Thugs

To defeat Harley Quinn's thugs, the Bat needs to use the overhead ceiling as a resting place and descend from there to take out Harley Quinn's thugs. The rest is up to the Bat. He can use a go up and then jump down tactics to deal with the rest of Quinn's thugs, or he can use dexterity and brutal brawling moves and smart gadget techniques to defeat Harley Quinn's men.

Harley Quinn's Revenge Get to the Chamber with the GCPD Officers

After the fight, to get to the room with the GCPD officers, the Bat needs to open a door on the left and use some explosives to blast through the wall. Head out through the broken wall. Find a crawl-hole on the ground on the right. Climb through and emerge into a large chamber with lots of thugs guarding over the GCPD officers.

The tactics here is simple - swing into high ground and then swoop down to take care of one of the guards. Then head into the crawl-hole and recover and go into defensive mode. Wait and then come out and grapple into high ground again. Swoop down onto one of the other guards. Keep repeating this and all the guards in this chamber will be defeated.

Now head down into the area where the GCPD officers are and rescue them. However, Harley Quinn appears and stuns Batman with her gun. Batman is taken by Quinn, and Robin is poised to take center stage again.


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