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Camping Inside/Inside Fun

Updated on August 8, 2010

 Ever wonder what to do on a rainy day or have fun without always having the expense! Try camping inside, it is so much fun and can take away the "I have nothing to do," blues. I have done this inside camping thing for my daughter and it is so much fun! You can do this with just your family or you can invite your kids' friends and turn it into a camp sleep over. Here we go: Inside tents can be as easy as couches a table or tables, chairs and sheets! If you have two large couches or two medium sized couches, line them up across from each other. Take a large sheet, (don't use dark colors like black, navy blue, etc. it dosen't really reflect light) and spread the sheet across the top of both couches. If you want a nice space in between you can pin a few sheets together to stretch across without them collapsing in between. If possible push each end of couch agaist wall for feeling of being enclosed in tent and the other end can serve as opening. Another couch method is to place one end of sheet over the back part of couch making sure it reaches to the seat. Pull the other end away from the couch as far as possible and place books on that end to keep it from collapsing, leaving the space in between for sleeping. A sturdy table and sheet long enough to reach the floor on all sides will work as well. You can use chairs set in a circular motion, canvasing the top also for sleeping. Pad the floor with blankets and fill with lots of sheets and fluffy pillows. (2) For fire, you can use gift rap paper. Orange, yellow, red and blue are great colors. Take a maglight or just a couple of flashlights and place them under the paper for a nice glow that resembles a fire. If you want to you can add maybe a couple of rocks and twigs from outside to add to the affect. (3)For scenery you can find large wall posters of camping scenes or you can use construction paper(the roll) or large sheets of crepe paper for the trunk of the tree(brown in color) to draw and cut out.The roll of construction paper is not very expensive. For branches use brown paper as well. For leaves use green, orange and yellow construction paper, the standard size pack which again is not very expensive and can be found in most stores like target, walmart, etc. Cut rectangular pieces and paste them on the branches for leaves or like a lot of parents do use balloons and two sided sticky adhesive tape to place on the branches. The balloons can be used later to give out to the children for fun. (4)For lights I strung up christmas lights strategically inside(all white ones) and I also had plug in night lights. This way when all the lights are out it won't be completely dark and will be very cozy. (5) Regular sleeping bags will do just fine and you can place them around the campfire if you choose not to use couches, chairs, sheets etc. If your ceiling is not very high you can make stars using foil paper and string them up using dental floss. Puncture a hole in tip of one point of each star to thread and hang and use two sided sticky tape to secure to ceiling for sleeping under the night sky. Lastly, food and activities. A good idea for food and snacks is trailmix, marshmellows and bite sized candies. You can always cook a meal like chicken and mashed potatoes, order pizza or, serve hotdogs and chips. Place the trail mix in a bowl and put inside circle of campers and use a small end table or regular size table covered with festive plastic tablecloth to set hot food on like a food communal. For activities circle games are the best. Games like (what am I, who am I, name that tune or, the popular abc game where the first person has to say something that starts with the letter A, the next person, B, but it has to be quick, no pauses.)  Also rock painting using smooth handpicked rocks from outside is a fun lengthy activity that kids will enjoy. You can purchase paint sticks or small multicolored paint isles and paint brushes from the arts and kraft store. Watching movies and campfire stories told in a circle will always work as well. There are many more ideas but these are just a few. The cost for everything mentioned is most likely well up under one hundred dollars. A lot of dollar stores carry some of the things mentioned. I hope this helps. Please comment and let me know what you think or how it works if you choose to try it!


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