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Hawkspy RC Helicopter with Camera

Updated on September 13, 2015

Egofly Hawkspy RC Helicopter with Camera

Taking pictures or video from the sky has never been more fun than you can have with the Egofly Hawkspy RC Helicopter with Camera and this is a great hobby starter for weekends and vacations.

The price is remarkable for what you get. The features and consumer reviews (below) are showing a great deal of potential and above all one of the most remarkable features is the video quality. The digital high resolution capability of the camera were surprising to consumers and would be the primary feature to purchase this model for. Also: Note this can be for indoor or outdoor (in calm sky) flight.

Egofly Hawkspy Remote Control Helicopter with Built-in Camera!


The Egofly Hawkspy Remote Control Helicopter is an exceptional toy that will perform to your highest expectations.

The data shown below will provide you with the facts that should convince you of the unique characteristics of this model aircraft:

Product Features

Egofly Hawkspy RC Helicopter with Camera

Recommended for age 14 and over with a blade span of less than 14 inches this is a small enough vehicle to fly for beginners who are interested in learning about the world of the RC hobby world. With all the aspects built into the hobby and with the learning curve (such as reading the owner's manual), this is an inexpensive way to start your hobby investment and to have a great time as well.

The Hawkspy LT-712 RC Helicopter has a built in color video camera and includes a 1GB Micro SD card. So you can take video as well as still pictures while you are in flight. One concern.... I am unable to determine the distance which this will lose transmission connection. There are usually some indications about the expected distance and it is always a good idea to keep your vehicle well within that margin to avoid loss of transmission and therefor drift and potential crashes.

  • 3.5 channel control with built in gyroscope
  • High-resolution video camera built in
  • Rechargeable (charger included) batteries NOT included
  • 90 minutes of charge time for about 10 minutes of fly time
  • Includes 1GB Micro SD card plus a USB adapter (video is recorded in AVI format)
  • Indoor and Outdoor Use (in open areas with calm sky)
  • Choice of Black or Red

Flying Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 Video Reviews - Flying Egofly Hawkspy LT-712 Consumer Videos

Egofly Hawkspy RC Helicopter with Camera Ratings And Review Summary

What are people saying about the EgoFly HawkSpy LT-712 SpyCam RC Helicopter

Received a 3.4 out of 5 stars with with 3/4 of the reviews 4+ stars. The overall response from consumers is about the durability, educational, and fun aspects of this RC helicopter.

This can be a great tool to connect with children (14+) to share with them a hobby which requires dedication, responsibility, learning, and routine participation. Focus on all of the aspects combined and you are not only flying a helicopter you are also giving your child a vehicle to learning about life.

3.4 out of 5 star average rating with focus on:

  • PRO: Metal frame construction for stability and durability
  • PRO: Camera, memory card, and adapter (to transfer the video or pictures to the computer)
  • CON: Batteries not included.
  • CON: Outdoors flight only when on a calm day (little or no wind)
  • Mechanical tasks and a learning curve make this great for tinkering
  • Best for the price even with its limitations
  • Video quality is remarkable

Combining the manufacturers claims and the consumer reviews can be a great way to explore about any item for sale online or offline.

Consider this item if you want to take photos or video and if you have the desire to spend time with a 'hobby' also, would be a great way to introduce hobby crafts to a child of any age (recommended for children over 14 ).

Did you find a great Outdoor Remote Control Helicopter to buy?

What Outdoor Remote Control Helicopter Style is your favorite?

EgoFly HawkSpy LT-712 SpyCam RC Helicopter Guestbook - Did you find a great Outdoor Remote Control Helicopter?

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