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Hello Kitty Bike for Girls

Updated on December 6, 2014

More Than a Pink Bike!

Who doesn't remember getting their first bicycle! Once you learn to ride it is a skill that is never forgotten. In fact I remember as a kid spending hours riding around with my friends and getting to explore the neighborhood.

When it comes to buying your child a bike and they are a fan of Hello Kitty, these bikes make the perfect choice. Your child is will love the Hello Kitty designs and then they will love to be able to ride a Hello Kitty bike. They are bright and cheery and come in a number of different sizes.

Starting with a tricycle all the way up to bikes with 26 inch wheels for the big girls to ride.

There are also a number of accessories you can get for the Hello Kitty bikes including helmets, seat covers and bells. Your kid (or maybe you) will be the coolest rider on the block when you get on a Hello Kitty bike!

And if your child is not in to bicycles, then we have some scooters to choose instead.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Retro Hello Kitty Bicycle

Your child is going to love the Hello Kitty Girls Pink Cruiser. It has a frame with one speed gearing and comes equipped with a front hand brake and rear coaster brake. As well it has 20 inch tread white wall tires, aluminum wheels and ergonomic handlebars. There is also a pink and red Hello Kitty graphics comfort saddle.

Hello Kitty Bike

Dynacraft Girl's Bike

Here's what one happy owner had to say about this bike: "I really liked the quality of this bike, but now looking for a new one because my daughter outgrew this one before it could be worn out. That's saying a lot because she rode it all the time, but now she's not even into Hello Kitty as much anymore. Back to the drawing board. Carry a wrench with you for as long as your kid keeps those training wheels on. They come lose and you need to be prepared to tighten them or carry the bike a long way from home!"

More Hello Kitty Bicycle Accessories

Great accessories with the Hello Kitty theme.

Bell Sports True Fit Child Helmet - Hello Kitty - Pink
Bell Sports True Fit Child Helmet - Hello Kitty - Pink

Great bike helmet in pink and white with Hello Kitty graphic painted on the side.

Hello Kitty Soft Bike Seat Saddle Cover Red Poka Dots
Hello Kitty Soft Bike Seat Saddle Cover Red Poka Dots

Turn any bike into a Hello Kitty theme with this bright and colorful seat cover.

Nirve Hello Kitty Valve Cap
Nirve Hello Kitty Valve Cap

So cute! Add one or more to a bike's value caps. Just more Hello Kitty fun.


Taking Care of a Bike

If you take care of your bike you will have it for many years of uninterrupted enjoyment. You don't have to do this every time you use the bike but when it starts to get a little dirty you might want to give it a wash. Use mild dish soap, a soft cloth or sponge and some warm water. Rinse the bike first and then wash everything including the seat and handlebars. If you have some tough grime, just use a brush and then rinse the bike to get all the soap off the bike. You should dry the bike with a cloth first if you are going to store it in a shed or the basement.

From time to time you will need to lubricate the chain. Make sure you clean the chain first before applying the lube.

Each time you take the bike out for a ride, check to make sure the tires are in good shape and check to make sure all the cables are attached.

If you aren't sure about how to repair any damage, take your bike to a local professional for repair. You can usually find them listed in the yellow pages or ask a friend if they can recommend someone.

How To Take Care of Your Bike Video

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