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Hello Kitty Dress Up Games

Updated on October 15, 2014

Dress Up Doll Game With Hello Kitty

Playing with Hello Kitty dress up games is great fun with the very cuddly Hello Kitty plush doll. There is a whole wardrobe of Hello Kitty dresses too for this lovable kitty dress up doll.

I guess dress up games are the introduction to dressing up oneself when we are grown up!

Dress Up Games For Girls

Girls love it

Dress up games are one of the favorite games of little girls no matter where they come from. I remember I had great fun playing dress up games with paper cut dolls and matching paper cut dress up outfits. The dress up dolls wore clothes for all sorts of occasions from the beach to shopping and even a glamorous party.

How much more fun with a plush dress up doll as you can hold and dress up in different clothes just like in real life. Hello Kitty dress up dolls and their outfits are popular as Kitty is such an adorable character.

Plush Dress Up Doll For Dress Up Game

First Step To Hello Kitty Dress Up Game - A plush dress up doll

A plush dress up doll is the first step to Hello Kitty dress up games. Not just any doll will do. Dress up outfits were designed to fit the Hello Kitty dress up doll. This doll will provide hours of fun playing dress up games. The Hello Kitty dress and ribbon can be removed and other outfits used to dress up Kitty.

Dressing Up For A Party

Little girls learn to dress up their dolls and later progress to dress up themselves in some chic party dresses. After all every girl love to go to a party and show off their pretty party dress.

Pink Satin Party Hello Kitty Dress - All little girls will love to take Hello Kitty to a party

Hello Kitty Pink Party Dress: Dress Me
Hello Kitty Pink Party Dress: Dress Me

- Beautiful pink satin dress complete with ribbons and rose


Dress Up Game Poll

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Summer Holidays With Kitty

Summer time is a great time to bring out those pretty dresses after the dreary and dull winter clothes. How about Hello Kitty in a casual summer dress?

How About A Dress For A Summer Party?

Hello Kitty Gingham Checker Outfit (Outfit only, plush doll NOT included) : Dress-me
Hello Kitty Gingham Checker Outfit (Outfit only, plush doll NOT included) : Dress-me

- Includes blue gingham dress, black bow, red handbag, red tights and black shoes


Dressing Hello Kitty From Fantasy Land

Little girls and boys through the ages grow up reading love fairy tales like Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland. Now with Hello Kitty little girls can play out the story in fun costumes in their favourite Hello Kitty doll.

Red Riding Hood - One of my favorite childhood stories

Little Red Riding Hood is an evergreen story for kids. After learning how she escaped the big bad wolf, she can now dress Hello Kitty in this outfit complete with the famous red cape and hood with matching bow and shoes.

Hello Kitty Carry On Pet Set: Dress Me
Hello Kitty Carry On Pet Set: Dress Me

- Hello Kitty travels in chic style with her pet

- Color matching bag and poodle


Dress Up Accessories

Every girl need accessories. Hello Kitty is no different. She will need accessories to complete her outfit that are just the right size for her.

A nice addition to any little girl's Hello Kitty Dress Me Doll collection.


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