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Heroclix Maps for Tabletop Skirmishes

Updated on November 10, 2013

Find Maps For Your Heroclix Battles

Get the perfect Heroclix Maps for your superhero battles. Make you own superteams and have them engage in a superpowered skirmish. Thor and Iron Man vs Spidey and Hulk? No Problem. Heroclix is a collectible miniatures game where two players battle each other using miniatures of superheroes or villains. With the number of miniatures available the possibilities are endless. Even if the Heroclix starter sets come with official maps, a little variety makes this game even more exciting.

Thankfully, there are now sources for free Heroclix maps on the internet. Many of them look professionally designed and each has its own tactical challenge. If you want to make your battles even more interesting, you can come up with your own maps. It would be interesting to have your own "Home Map" in the way traditional wargamers have their own "Home Table." With the surge of free graphic programs available creating a custom map is easier than ever.

Heroclix is owned by Wizkids/NECA

The New Official Wizkids Websites - Official Resources for Heroclix

Wizkids continues to add functions and features to their official websites. They've gone a long way from the bare bones that emerged from the revamp.

DIY Maps

Want a custom experience? Make your own map!

With a little elbow grease, it's easy to create a custom Heroclix Map. You can use traditional media, plotting out everything on a large piece of paper or cardstock. Markers or colored pencils should be the easiest to work with. Some may want to paint their own maps and overlay it with a clear plastic cover divided into squares.

You can also use many of the free map making software available online. I'd lay out my map on Dungeon Crafter 3 then adjust it with a graphics program. While it does take more work, the payoff is the unique game play provided by custom work.

Measurements from Official Maps

Guidelines for Making your Heroclix Map

The measurements you have to remember are:

The usual Heroclix Maps come in two dimensions:

24x24 squares

24x16 squares

The dimensions of a Heroclix Map square are:

1 1/2 inches per side

source: World Works Games Forum

Dungeon Crafter for Heroclix

One way to make a custom Heroclix battle map

The good news is laying out the tiles should be a piece of cake using Dungeon Crafter. The problem is that Heroclix uses 1.5 inch squares. To get the proper scale, the map must be saved as a JPEG in Dungeon Crafter and then scaled up by 50% in a graphics program like Photoshop or GIMP. This usually results in some pixelation. For quick maps that shouldn't be a problem. However if you want a nice looking Heroclix Map, you may want to do a little cleanup.

The best Heroclix maps would use less detailed tiles. The closer they are to comic book style art, the easier they are to clean up. Choose your tiles wisely.

update on 18 Oct 2010

I just realized you can deal with the pixelation issue by shrinking the map instead of scaling up. Given that you use 1 inch squares, you need to scale down the map by 75% so a 2 inch by two inch block becomes 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. You may lose some of the finer details but the overall look will remain. Again tile choices will be key here.

Ideas for Custom Heroclix Maps

For custom heroclix map makers

1. TV Studio/ Movie Studio

But not just any TV studio. How about the one which features your favorite show? I'm sure some people can scare up the blueprints for their favorite starship or map of their beloved vampire-filled town.

2. Local Locations

The nearby mall or park works well. Just be careful when using government buildings or banks. People may get the wrong idea.

3. All Work/ All Study

For some reason, people I know seem to like games set in the old high school. There must be something visceral about tossing some villain through the principal's office. Another favorite is the work office. I guess the appeal is the same!

4. Wrong Channel

Reuse tiles or Terrain Accessories from other game system. Works best if the figure scales are similar or if they don't matter. Battletech Terrain for Heroclix maps are definitely doable. Mage Knight Dungeons accessories would also work.

The Heroclix Custom Maps Logo
The Heroclix Custom Maps Logo

Featured Site: Heroclix Custom Maps

Pro-style Heroclix Map

This is a nice looking site with a big custom map project. The site itself has a clean comic book aesthetic but the maps look more realistic. In fact they sort of remind me of professional DnD battlemaps. The colors are not garish and the whole looks slick and polished. The maps are free to download but it seems you can donate to the artist via paypal. I just wish there was a way to contact the artist. He deserves some encouragement. Visit Heroclix Custom Maps for some alternative clix maps.

Mega Heroclix Map
Mega Heroclix Map

Featured Site: Toychop

heroclix maps with an extra level

This miniatures gaming blog has one very impressive heroclix map. First off, I was not kidding about another level. These guys built a basement level for their battlemap. One of the sections is an underwater area which connects to the pond at the ground level.

At the ground level you have various 3d map features. For starters there are a few detachable accessories your super strong heroclix can use as weapons. There are hindering and blocking features. There are three level buildings open on one side. Not only can your clix battle on the roof, they can duke it out on each level of a building.

It's one massive build! it also has a secret :the map also pulls apart to at the middle for easy transport.

Grid Reality Logo Heroclix Maps
Grid Reality Logo Heroclix Maps

Featured Site: GridReality

Grid Reality maps are made by the same person that made the Wizkids maps. Their site is offering a free Heroclix map based on The Center of The Earth. You can also buy some other maps from the site. Remember this is professional stuff. You will pay but it's for quality.

What Size are Heroclix Figures?

O scale or 1:48 or quarter scale

The O scale varies among countries but I suspect it would be closer to the US O Scale since Wizkids is an American company. In any case, O scale means you can use model railroad and architectural models to spruce up you maps.

The models below were made for railroads. You can also look for paper craft models which utilize the 1:48 scale. Quarter scale is the designation for doll houses. You can also check with doll house suppliers for map accessories.

Protect your Heroclix Maps during play

A sheet of clear acrylic laid over the top of maps will prevent scuff marks and may repel spilled drinks and food crumbs. Just make sure you don't spill anything along the edges of your map. The liquid may seep under the acrylic sheet.

Map Storage and Transport - Keep your Heroclix maps safe and tidy

Ideally, Maps should be stored flat. Folding a map creates creases. The printing will wear out along those creases. At worst, tears will appear here as well. You can store a map rolled into a cylinder. However, over time it will become harder to lay it flat on a table. Portfolio type cases give the added benefit of making transportation easier.

The size of a large heroclix map is about 36x24 inches.

Poster Holder

Here's another option for map storage: place them in a poster holder. This keeps your maps flat and protects them from dirt and damage. If the Poster Holder is rigid enough you may be able to store them upright.

Clear Shelf Liner

Some people cover their maps with self adhering plastic sheets. While it offers some protection, collectors generally dislike tampering with maps especially collectible maps. Just remember that if you intend to resell you stuff.

The Big Question: Marvel vs DC heroclix

can you mix and match Heroclix sets?

The short answer is Yes. Heroclix works under the same rules. How you run a DC heroclix game is no different from a Marvel or Indie heroclix game.

However, the point cost for each figure is calibrated to their individual sets. Veteran players would often say one set or another was imbalanced when mixed in with another set. The thing is, their opinions differ as to which sets are weaker or stronger. In the end it's up to the individual players to adjust points if they're so inclined.

Personally, I wouldn't worry too much in a friendly game. It would be cool to see bizarre match ups. Like the Savage Dragon vs Spider Man or Dr Manhattan vs Jonah Hex

Heroclix Custom Dial Makers

Disagree with the official stats? You can actually create custom dials for your clix.

Custom Heroclix Miniatures - here's some inspiration

Like many miniature wargame hobbies, heroclix has its share of modders and custom model makers.

Heroclix Campaigns - Pretending you're in a comic book

Heroclix games are about skirmishes or one-off battles between opposing teams. A Campaign system allows players to tie their battles to one overarching storyline. Think of it as creating your own comic book plot and playing it out. A Campaign system provides rules for advancing and improving your superheroes and villains as they complete each battle. Here is a collection of Campaign rules and ideas for use with Heroclix.

Heroclix Link List and Archive

Here are some active links to the old rules and references for heroclix.

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    • khael profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @youthministry: Thanks for visiting! Looks like there will be another bunch of Heroclix players now that its back in production.

    • youthministry profile image

      Paul Turner 

      8 years ago from Birmingham, Al.

      My son and I loved it in it's heyday.

    • khael profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      @Bus Stop Toy Shop: Thank you very much! I'm glad that Heroclix is getting a revival. It's my group's favorite CMG. Btw, the new site is up.

    • Bus Stop Toy Shop profile image

      Bus Stop Toy Shop 

      8 years ago

      It's great to see Heroclix back on the shelves - superb resource for players, Khael - great read as always!


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