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history of the Greatest Video Games Console ever! - megadrive genesis

Updated on June 27, 2012

Sega Mega drive 16Bit Console

Sega Mega drive 16Bit Console
Sega Mega drive 16Bit Console


The mega drive was one of the most popular consoles in video game history.
With its 16 Bit Memory Capabilities, and powerful graphics & video hardware, It became the console where most of today's popular game characters where first launched.


Some of the most popular titles, where Wonderboy, Sonic the hedgehog, Ghost & Goblins, Alex Kidd, Chuck Rock, Decap attack

Joypad Design

The joypad design moved away from the previous Mater system, and NES square edge designs, to a revolutionary design that actually fitted well into your hand, as you can see, the design style has been emulated by the Xbox 360 today. 

Mega drive emulators

There are a number of megadrive emulators available for the PC. These Emulators allow you to run the original megadrive hardware as a software program on your pc, and all the games are available to load in the software. Emulators are great for playing all the classic games you love, and all the mega drive games you missed.


It was released in 1988 in Japan, and in Europe in 1990, and then appeared in the American market with a new name The Genesis. The Super Nintendo was release 2 years later, by which time the mega drive had established a strong hold in the market.

Although the super nintendo was a superior console, it was only ever so slightly more powerful. Sega had managed to establish a firm foothold in the market, and really had by then a huge library of titles available, and although he super nintendo then sold well, it was the mega drive that really showed hoe to mix glamour and console, and became the benchmark for all future console releases.

One of sega's most successful consoles, doing better than the dreamcast, the mega drive sold more than 29 million consoles around the world.

On the xbox live downloads, the games are still popular through nostalgic re-releases.

Sega Mega Drive Joypad

Sega Mega Drive Joypad
Sega Mega Drive Joypad


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