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Business Tips for Hobby Interests

Updated on December 13, 2016
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Tricia Deed is a freelance writer of business opportunities or home based businesses. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Arts and Crafts as Partners

Artwork labeling crafts. The art of creativity, an imagination, and practical business application advanced a hobby of cooking to a business.
Artwork labeling crafts. The art of creativity, an imagination, and practical business application advanced a hobby of cooking to a business. | Source

Hobby Businesses

Any hobby can become a business. Products or services which help to fulfill the needs and desires of others to make their lives more productive, comfortable, pleasurable, or to provide a solution has value and can be marketed to produce an income.

Often times we take our hobby or hobbies for granted as they are common or easy and we seemingly never consider that others may require products which can be produced from our talents. Our hobbies become a business when we recognize our talent and produce to fulfill another person's need for a product. Selling that product is now a business which produces a financial income rewarding our talents.

Artists - Art is always at the beginning. This is the creative idea which has been ignited from our imagination and the thinking process.

Crafts – This is the process of making an idea into a physical product.

Arts and crafts can be tangible or intangible. A tangible example of art may be a painting or a sculpture. An intangible example of art is music. The sound of music is Invisible to our eyesight but audible to our ears.

A tangible example of a craft would be the picture frame which encases the painting or the clay which is used in the sculpture. The intangible craft of music is its sounds which are created with a musical instrument. Arts and crafts work in partnership.

Cooking and baking, an essential and popular service, prepared by cooks or chefs have opened many restaurants, fast-food stops, bakeries, ice cream shops, candy factories, and more. This popular hobby is a tangible service.

The computer, software, and its many cyber space abilities as well as the telephone and other forms of “air” communication is a popular tangible and intangible service.

Business Management


Ten Business Management Tools

People who are carpenters, plumbers, doctors, artists, and crafts of many varieties require a bag for carrying their working tools.

Using the right tool for the job at hand is a necessity for both ease of work and production.

It is important that as a business person there is a bag of tools to fit every aspect of the business needs.

The business tool case to start your new business will contain the following 10 tools:

  1. Business plan, outline, and goals
  2. Written records of plan and goals for each week and month
  3. Yearly plan and procedures for each and every year
  4. Business strategies for advertising and marketing
  5. Accounting and taxes
  6. Attorney, permits and licenses
  7. Business hardware, equipment,office supplies
  8. Home office or an office location in a brick and mortar location
  9. Hobby with its supplies and accessories
  10. Mental sharpness accompanied with gut instincts

Analysis, Marketing, and Sales

Analysis, sales, and marketing are critical for profits.
Analysis, sales, and marketing are critical for profits. | Source

Director of Sales

The owner of the company is the key person in the sales division because you mastered your hobby. In the beginning of the business it is you who will do the advertising, marketing, selling and producing of the product or products.

When the pioneering phase is complete and investment dollars are available; assemble a sales team.

The secret behind your business growth is knowing when to hire ambitious professional sales personnel who have proven successful sales tracks of techniques and presentations.

You will discover that you need to have an excellent sales staff who are enthusiastic and dedicated to not only building their personal wallets but have an interest in building your business.

A healthy sales organization will relieve you of these duties and free your skills and talents to continue creating and producing products that the public desires.

4 Tips to help produce a financially successful business:

  1. Continuously creating products or services to fill the needs of others
  2. Keeping inventory shelves well stocked
  3. Maintaining regular customers and enticing new customers
  4. Happy successful salesmen who keep selling

4 Sales Tips

These 4 sales tips are the financial building blocks for any business.

  1. Sales knowledge
  2. Skills
  3. Talent
  4. Experience

A business survives on salesmanship in order to produce profit. No business can exist without sales.

If selling is not your strong point; hire professional sales people.

However, your best salesmen will be the ones who work for commission. Why? Because they know how to sell.Their personal goal is to line their pockets with gold. Their pursuit of money is their motivation to sell, sell, and sell.

Another attribute which commissioned sales people have is their creative ideas for selling products which in turn will help build your business at a faster growth rate.

Do not hesitate to listen to suggestions offered by commissioned sales staff. They are exposed daily to both regular and future customers. They will have much to do with knowing which products and services consumers are demanding and which product line sells best.

Time Is Essential For Success

watch and chain
watch and chain | Source

It Takes Time to Build a Business

A business does not grow overnight. It will take time to build a prosperous enterprise. Overnight success is rare, in truth it takes many years. A reality for any business person is to be patient building a business from its beginnings to a stable income producing machine.

Many business tasks, deadlines, and goals are scheduled. The one time table which must be kept confidential is the internal timepiece. This “time” is important to you, the business owner.

Keep these time tables confidential as they hold your priorities and deepest secret desires for both personal and business wishes as well as the keys for security. Reveal your priorities only when the time is right to do so with the skilled and knowledge people who are present to execute them to success.


  1. is needed to build a good reputation
  2. is needed to construct quality products
  3. for the public to recognize your brand name or trademark
  4. for product inventory
  5. to build income
  6. to receive profits from company growth and investments

As research, products, sales, and investments grow the expected lifestyle of comfort for you and your family will become more financially possible. This is financial freedom. As mentioned earlier, financial success does not come overnight, but the rewards will be sweet on its arrival.

And it all started with a hobby. Simply unbelievable!

Money Earns


Money Investment Tips

A business owner works endlessly to build a financially successful business. Another silent partner which earns dollars is investment returns. Let your money also share in the workload. It is a wonderful silent partner.

Women, do not sell yourself short in this category. We do quite well with it.

Pay yourself first. Ten percent is the general rule. Invest as you progress in your business. The key to this type of investment is not to spend this money

8 Money Investment Tips:

  1. The home piggy bank
  2. Savings account at your local bank
  3. Government savings bonds
  4. CDs
  5. Gold, silver, and other precious metals
  6. Stock market
  7. Municipal bonds
  8. Retirement programs

Research, learn, and understand different investment strategies. Progress with sureness. It is better to earn small and secure than large and lose. Diversify your investment dollars.

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      asereht1970 3 years ago

      I'm trying to write good here in Squidoo. Maybe in time this hobby will pay off. Thanks for sharing.

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      mstcourtjester 4 years ago

      I would love to trade, invest, and write full time!