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Hoberman Sphere - Amazing Ball that Expands

Updated on October 18, 2011

Hoberman Sphere

What is the Hoberman Sphere

Synonymous with smart play, the Hoberman toy line believes that innovative design leads to creative thought. Created in 1995, it was designed to activate the imagination and inspire the minds of both children and adults alike. Resembling a geodesic dome, the Hoberman Sphere was invented by Chuck Hoberman, an inventor of folding toys. The Hobermam Sphere was a culmination of his interests in art, architecture, and technology. Back in the early 80's, when the first Macintosh computers were popular, people were trying to figure out how to make 16 pixels look like a paintbrush. He tried to create a three-dimensional model out of origam, paper and tape. Although he realized the idea of three-dimensional pixels was impractical, in the process of designing them, he ended up creating pop-up shapes into toy spheres.

Made of little, plastic rods that fold together into a spikey ball, the Hoberman Sphere contracts and expands to three times its size. When expanded, it is composed six circles similar to an Archimedian solid. Children almost have hypnotic attraction fascination in watching it contract and expand.With its almost magical qualities, whether your child is younger or older, there is a hypnotic fascination in watching it contract and expand.Durable, children have even tried to fold up inside of it and jump out of it, yet it's still in perfect condition. One 12-year old even wrote a review on it for Amazon, and said, "It is something you can never get bored of, and it's fun for all ages, even for my grandma." Educational too, one teacher uses it to explain the expansion of the universe after the big bang and how each part moves away from every other part. Another teacher uses it to teach healthy breating. You can even hang them as a kinetic mobile. Not just your run-of-the-mill toy, the Hoberman Sphere has received numerous awards including the Parent's Choice Gold Award in 1998. Recommended for 4 years of age and up, Hoberman Spheres come in different sizes, different colors, and some even glow in th dark. It includes a 21 Cool Things to Do Game Sheet.

Order a Hoberman Sphere

Don't get your child a toy that sits in the corner of the closet when you can buy one that's not only fun but educational too. If you're searching for a unique toy that won't eat you alive in the cost of batteries, the Hoberman Spere is a great choice. Available in different sizes and colors, it even has a glow in the dark model. Ordering is as easy as clicking the link.

Original Hoberman Sphere

Hoberman Sphere Demonstration


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