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Holiday Decor for a Dollhouse

Updated on April 14, 2014

Deck the Miniature Halls!

I once had a friend that turned barrister bookcases into dollhouse rooms. She even had one decorated for Christmas complete with a tree with a popcorn garland. If you love to decorate for the holidays in a miniature way, you will enjoy some of the tiny Christmas and Hanukkah decor I have found. If you can, try and leave at least one dollhouse room decorated so you can see the cheer all year long.

A lot of the cuteness was found on Etsy. Most of the decorations are handmade by artisans who love what they do.

What are you waiting for? Get scrolling to discover some of the adorable Holiday Decor I found for your dollhouse!

The holiday miniatures shown her are "felted". This is a relative new craft to me; felting is the art of taking wool fiber and creating something beautiful. This fabric craft was born from an ancient tradition of creating a strong and sturdy, non-woven fabric from wool. The artist on Etsy created strong and sturdy miniatures by felting. I adore the soft--yet sturdy--tree and packages.

photo credit: Drudruchu on Etsy (used with permission).

Learn to felt your own holiday miniatures!

If the felted Christmas tree and holiday presents image above intrigued you, then you might want to learn to make wee felted worlds of your own. I loved the cozy accessories above when I first discovered them on Etsy. Many of the textile crafters in my neck of the woods have learned this cushy craft and have made decorations for all sorts of holidays.

Wee Felt Worlds: Sweet Little Scenes to Needle Felt
Wee Felt Worlds: Sweet Little Scenes to Needle Felt

Learn to create your own wee felt miniatures to decorate your dollhouses.


A Delightful Holiday Dollhouse Room - Christmas never looked so good and tiny!

Holiday Dollhouse Miniature Decor
Holiday Dollhouse Miniature Decor

There are a lot of Holiday elements in this room that you can easily find. Browse Etsy or Ebay for items that you might need to complete the look.

Or you could learn to create your on tiny treasures for your dollhouse. The good thing is that making miniatures is a very portable do-it-yourself project because of its small nature. I had a friend that use to craft hers while on long trips to the beach in the summer.

Photo Credit: jellie_mac via Compfight cc


A Beautiful Christmas Tree for your Dollhouse:

Probably the most popular way to give a dollhouse a holiday flair. If you buy only one miniature decoration for your house, it should be a Christmas Tree! Of course, there are those crafty people out there who might want to make their own dollhouse tree. If so, you can click here to find out how to make a few holiday decorations for a tiny tree.

Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Tree with Ornaments
Dollhouse Miniature Christmas Tree with Ornaments

Decorated for your dollhouse to make it merry and bright. If you want a plain miniature tree to decorate yourself, then click MINIATURE Dollhouse sized PINE TREE


Dollhouse Fireplace Christmas Garland

I wish decorating my home for the holidays could be as simple as just ordering an evergreen garland. I love the elegant look of a well decorated fireplace mantel during the holiday season. Usually, the fireplace is the focal point of a room and can make a room cozy. Imagine a pair of black boots dangling inside the fireplace. Could it be Santa Clause?

Black Rubber boots! - Santa's hanging in the fireplace!

Could these look like Santa's boots? Hang them inside the fireplaces above for a fun twist. You could paint a buckle on these boots with a silver sharpie-type pen. Easy!

Dollhouse Miniature Black Rubber Boots
Dollhouse Miniature Black Rubber Boots

Rubber Black teeny boots that could be Santa's.


Miniature Christmas Decorations on eBay - Make a bid even if Christmas is 6 months away!

EBay has a huge selection of miniature holiday dollhouse decorations. Some are handmade in the USA. The brick fireplace shown above on Amazon is American made.

The dollhouse miniatures shown below change daily so check back often if you are looking for something special for your holiday dollhouse.

If you have a dollhouse and do decorate it, what is your favorite source for finding holiday decor? Ebay seems to have a really good selection. I do like the handmade items that one can find on Etsy, too. However, the holiday miniatures on Amazon are usually priced nicely and you can combine items to help cover shipping. Remember, sometimes Amazon does offer free shipping when you purchase over $25 in qualified merchandise.

Let me know your cheerful thoughts about teeny tiny holiday decor.

Do you decorate your dollhouse for the season?

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