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Horse Tire Swings

Updated on April 11, 2012

Horse Tire Swings For Kids

Have you been considering the idea of purchasing a tire swing for your children? By purchasing an outdoor tire swing for the backyard you are giving kids the opportunity creative play. Time spent outside playing is fun and rewarding and beneficial to everyone. They say our kids are not exercising enough these days and spend a lot of time indoors. Is this true? When given playthings that are stimulating and toys that spark their imagination they can become very energetic.

Shark Tire Swing
Shark Tire Swing

Recycled Tires

Make Great Gifts For Kids

Ride em and Giddy up are a few terms associated with horses and kids really want to go for a ride with this fantastic swings. They actually move and jump like a horse, well not actually, but in a child's imaginative mind they are riding a real one.

Just imagine the good times they will have when swinging on this recycled tire swing. Handmade one at a time, they are made safe and strong for kids of all ages including mom and dad. Take a ride and you will be amazed that these truly are most enjoyable swings in the world!

# Ship to you completely assembled and ready to hang by following the directions

# Included rope holds up to 200 pounds so an adult can ride the horse

# Cleaned to prevent black from rubbing off on clothes and hands

# Made from recycled auto and truck tires

# All smooth surfaces

Airplane Tire Swing
Airplane Tire Swing

Tire Swings Are A Fantastic Addition To Any Backyard

Great For Swing Sets

Kids tire swings are available in different models, sizes small and large and designs. There are sculpted into the shape of animals, airplanes, and motorcycles. Imagine having a motorcycle hanging from a wooden swing set! Designed by Wildlife Creations these are made by hand one at a time out of old tires and this company has been doing this for years. These recycled auto and truck tires are crafted into the safest, durable swings.

Motorcycle Swing
Motorcycle Swing

For Ages 8 and up

Motorcycle Swing For Older Kids

Due to the size of the motorcycle the recommended age range is 8 years old and up. Just like the Horse tire swing, the motorcycle is also custom made to order and only available in one size which is large.

# Motorcycle Dimensions: 56" Deep x 30" Wide x 43" High

# Weight 30 lbs.

Rubber Mulch
Rubber Mulch

Help Out The Environment

Teach Kids To Recycle

Recycling old tires is good for everyone and there are many products on the market today that are made using tires. By purchasing product made from this material you are helping and doing your part to recycle and help the environment. Today, we all recognize that we need to help, and recycling is one step toward a better for the environment. Using recycled tires for a variety of uses is one such way that they are trying to go green as many families are trying to do as well these days. Another product worth mentioning is rubber mulch which is used as ground cover underneath swing sets and swings.


Low Prices and Free Shipping On Many Products

Best Price Toys is your source for horse tire swings for backyards, swing sets, and home use.. Our goal is to carry the largest selection of affordable for swings available on the internet. We also carry an extensive line of swing set accessories such as full buckets, half buckets, infant swings, tower toys, replacement slides and if you need a swing set our store has a selection of over 200 models.

Pay Attention To The Size

If you shopping on ebay, pay close attention to the size of the tire swing. Small horses are good for children who are ages 4 to 7 and the large is great for those who are 7 years or older.

Great Stuff on Amazon - Product Reviews

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