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Hot Christmas Toys for 2011 - Hot Holiday Toys for 2011, Most Popular Christmas Toys for 2011 and More!

Updated on September 26, 2012

Hot Holiday Toys for 2011

Every year there are certain toys that become so popular during the holiday season that they become almost impossible for parents to get their hands on.

Luckily however, thanks to the internet, parents no longer have to stand on line for hours at a clip only to find out that the toy their child most wants this year is sold out.

Listed below are the Hot Christmas Toys for 2011. The sooner these items are picked up the better because, even with the convenience of the internet, these items are sure to sell out quick.

There are some hot new items based on new movie and new toy releases for 2011 but there are also some classics that have been upgraded for this new holiday season as well.

Angry Birds Toys, Games, Playsets, and Apparel

Who knew that what started out as a simple game that could be downloaded as a phone app could become so hugely popular that it would be downloaded over 300 million times?

When combining across all platforms (including both regular and special editions) Angry Birds has in fact reached that milestone and is still going strong!

Old fans are upgrading to the new games and new players are signing up on a daily basis!

Due to its immense popularity, toy and apparel manufacturers have jumped on the Angry Bird Bandwagon and have come out with a great bunch of items that any Angry Bird fan will love to receive for the holidays.

Here are just some of the Angry Bird items that are going to be super hot this 2011 holiday season!

  • Angry Bird Playsets (already becoming very hard to find)
  • Angry Bird Board Game and Card Game
  • Angry Bird Plush Figures
  • Angry Bird Backpacks and Lunchboxes
  • Angry Bird T-shirts, hats, backpack clips and more!

As mentioned above, some of these items are already hard to find at the time of this writing and it is only August 2011. So if you have an Angry Birds fan at home, this might be one of the first things you would like to try and pick up.

Due to the many different available items in this category it is impossible to list all of them here but you can still find them easily at discount prices at the Angry Birds Amazon Store.


Voted the Best Toy of the Year for 2011, the Sig-a-ma-jigs are back!

These adorable creatures are favorites of kids for all ages. They were a super hit last season and now have new characters and colors for the 2011 holiday season.

Each Sing-a-ma-jig has three different modes for kids to choose from. They can sing a favorite song when you push their bellies, you can toggle over to the talking function to have them speak different sayings and there is even a harmony option that you can switch to that will have them singing together.

Very reasonably priced for one of the hottest toys of the 2011 Holiday Season.

Watch the video below to see these cute things in action.

Harry Potter Scene It Game

Perfect for Harry Potter fans of all ages, this Harry Potter Scene It game is already #3 on Amazon's Best Selling Toys list and it is only July 2011 as of this writing.

It features questions, images and challenges from all 8 movies!

It also contains optreve technology (which is unique to Scene It) so you can play again and again without seeing the same questions. It includes a flextime game board that allows you to determine if you want to play a quick game or a longer game.

You simply set the DVD to party mode and you can enjoy hours of questions, clips and images from the DVD.

This is going to be almost impossible to find as the holidays get closer so you might want to purchase this one as soon as possible.

View video below to find out more.

NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster

NERF has come out with two super hot toys for the 2011 holiday season this year.

The first one is the NERF N-Strike Stampede ECS Blaster.

While originally released in 2010, it is becoming the "must-have" NERF toy for the 2011 season and has been voted the Boy Toy of the Year by the Toy Industry Association.

Touted as "one of the most awesome and exciting N-Strike developments released in over 40 years of Nerf brand history" this is the first Nerf Blaster that contains a fully automatic Clip System.

It also comes with a removable shield for Attach Mode play, a pop-out bipod, which doubles as a handle, 3 Extended Clips a 1 Quick-Reload Clip and 60 darts.

See video below to watch this awesome NERF Blaster in action.

NERF Super Soaker Shot Blast

The second hot NERF 2011 holiday item is the NERF Super Soaker Shot Blast.

It is the biggest Soaker Wars blaster and it can fire water up to 25 feet!

it includes an awesome pump-handle with shoulder stock and large capacity tank.

Simply slide this air-powered water blaster pump handle forward to load and then slide it backward to blast the stream of water. You can even adjust the shoulder stock to your reach and use the tactical rail to line up your best shots.

This item has been voted as the Best Outside Toy of the Year.

The commercial below shows this awesome water blaster in action!

Star Wars Advent Calendar

This soon to be released item will be another one of the hottest Christmas toys for 2011. Lego Star Wars is popular in all forms and this new item is not only the perfect gift for Star Wars fans as well as Lego fans but it is also a wonderful item for collectors.

Features Lego Star Wars figures and ships that will help count down the holidays!

Figures will include:

NuteGunRay - Santa Yoda - Wookie - Black R2-D2 - MouseDroid - Black Stormtrooper - PilotDroid - Chrismas Tree - 2 Weaon Holders and more!

Probable release will be October or November 2011. Please check back - will list it for sale as soon as it is available for purchase.

Update: Listed to the right is the exclusive Star Wars Advent Calendar released at ComicCon 2011.

View video below for a preview.

Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio

When it comes to creative play, the Crayola Color Wonder Sound Studio is going to be the hot item this year.

The Toy Industry Association voted this the Activity Toy of the Year for 2011 and for good reason.

Kids can not only color the fun pictures included with this set but can also set up fun sounds that play along while they are coloring. There are almost limitless ways they can change sounds and pictures because they get to choose what they want their pictures to sound like.

There are also great refills that can be used with these sets featuring Toy Story characters, Disney Princess and so much more!

The desk is great for easy portability and can be used at home or even while traveling in a car!

This is an extremely affordable item that kids will love to use all year round.

See the video below to find out more about how it works.

Scrabble Flash Cubes- Hot Toy of the Year 2011

When it comes to Game of the Year, Scrabble Flash was voted number one by the Toy Industry Association.

This Scrabble game include five electronic tiles that "read" each other's letters when they touch as you shuffle them around to make a word.

When you've completed your word, the tiles light up and beep letting you can continue to the next word. Once your time is up, the tiles will digitally display your score.

Want to play another game? Simply press the reset button and the tiles will flash a new combination of letters.

There are three different game possibilities allowing for Solo or Group Play.

View the video below to learn more about Scrabble Slash Cubes.

The Smurfs - The Smurfs Movie 3D

The Smurfs 3D movie is a hit and "Smurfamania" has struck again (just like it did in the 80's).

This means that all things Smurf will be popular this upcoming holiday season and manufactureres have met that demand.

Mega Blocks has come out with 4 Smurf play sets that kids will love and the quality German toy company Schleich has come out with figures and play sets as well based on the new movie.

Smurf figures, play sets, plush characters, DVDs, Games, Books, and just about anything else you can think of is available.(Actually too many items to list here.)

If Smurfs are what you are interested in, visit The Smurf Amazon Store to find everything you need at discount prices!


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    • janecidro profile image

      janecidro 6 years ago from Liberty, MO

      Wow! A 2011 Christmas list on Hub Pages that is current!

      Many Christmas Hubs are last year's and are very out dated.

      As you mentioned, Angry Birds should be a real big hit this year, even though they have been available for some time.

      And the timeless Crayola products are never a bad choice. We can only expect Nerf to be a huge seller again as it gives kids a chance to compete against each other, if you can get the guns out of their fathers hands... lol

      And who doesn't love Scrabble? It allows families to spend time together all while teaching their kids how to spell new words.

      We really enjoyed you Hub, keep up the great work.


    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      This hub is Awesome! I myself could play with the n strike all day haha.