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Hotel Key Card Collections

Updated on September 20, 2014

Hotel Card Keys - Unique Collection Items

Since the early 1990s many hotels in the US, Asia and Europe started using hotel key cards instead of the usual keys. The first time I was handed a card instead of a room key I was a little confused, but soon almost every hotel I stayed at had these cards. As a rushed business traveler I would often speed through checkout - often calling from the room based on the evening's receipt slipped under the door. One day I realized a collection of cards was piling up on my counter top where I emptied my pockets - change, keys, wallet, receipts and a stack of hotel key cards. Who knows why - but then I began collecting. Even if I checked out at the desk - I would keep one of the keys. I have several hundred - though many are boring cards from chains. I most enjoy the artistic and customized cards - many of which are pictured here.

Now, unlike hotel towels, hotels and inns have begun using unique designs that actually encourage you to take the key card home and help advertise their hotel. This makes this hobby feel a little more "above-board" so don’t feel bad if you forget to leave the hotel key card behind.

PLI – Plasticard Locktech International, the world’s largest hotel key card manufacturer, has in the past boasted of their selection by the National Football League to produce more than 25,000 keys for Super Bowls. With multiple designs, the cards are placed in many different hotels in the Super Bowl city. Here, you can certainly expect that most of these cards will be taken home as collector's items.

Yahoo Club
Yahoo Club

Hotel Key Collector Resources

This Yahoo Group is for anybody who collects Hotel Keys, Hotel Key Fobs and Hotel Key Cards. It welcomes anybody with an interest worldwide and any age.The Group aims to encourage its members to trade keys / key cards and share information on where and how to aquire them. This group is still in its infancy but please do not be put off by that, the intention is to make it the main point of contact on the web for anybody collecting Hotel Keys.

Another great resources is the Key Card Collector site. Updates are not too frequent, but a great resource if you are addicted to traveling and collecting hotel key cards.

What can you do with hotel key cards?

  • Guinness World Record holder Bryan Berg puts his card building skills to the test when he builds a life-size Holiday Inn hotel room from key cards. Check out the video below.
  • Another idea is a key card table top which you can see at this article at
  • Make a key card bracelet - really you can!

The horror - A hotel card has personal data

Oh, no don't fall for this myth. Like any myth, who knows where it started.

All your keycard has is the hotel name, your name, your room number and the access code/data for the room.

And you know what, if you really believe this myth - than start collecting hotel key cards to be extra sure that nobody gets the data that you fear is on the card!

An entire hotel made of key cards!

Casino Hotel Cards

Las Vegas, as well as other casinos around the world, create some of the flashiest of most frequently updated cards. Often times the cards feature the act that is currently staring in the casino's theatres.

Colnect Collectors Club Community

Colnect (collect + connect ==> Colnect) is a comprehensive online solution for collectors of mass produced collectibles (stamps, coins, hotel key cards, phonecards and so many more) revolutionizing the collecting experience by providing online Personal Collection management within a designated community. You can participate here by sharing and adding items from your key card collection to showcase the hotels that you have stayed at.

Card Collector Community

Buying Hotel Cards

Add to Your Collection

I only collect cards from hotels where I stay, but if you want to add to your collection there are frequently numerous actuions on eBay where people are selling specific cards or bundles of 5-10 cards

Ad Strapline Key Card Collection

Fake Your Own Hotel Card


Fake Your Own Hotel Card is a place to create funny photos online, allowing you to add FUNNY & COOL photo effects to your images. Do you want to be the focus of attention? Do you want to be treated as a superstar? No expensive PhotoShop software needed.

One Collector's Key Card Video

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