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How GTA 5 is more tempting than marijuana

Updated on February 1, 2016
GTA 5 marijuna
GTA 5 marijuna

Okay for those who don’t know what GTA 5 is, (don’t feel inferior) can be the ones who don’t know anything about games! Even if you’re not a gamer, GTA is something that you should know or at least have heard of! (Why?) GTA V is the most expensive game ever made (how much?)! This game costed $265 million to the Rockstar Games! And it’s got a whooping amount of $800 million sales right on its release day. But what makes it so addictive? Is it more addictive than 'marijuana’? Or both are equal in terms of addiction? Let’s check out why it’s more addictive than anything else in this world!

1. It’s money that matters!

How many bucks you spend on marijuana, every day? Have you ever counted that? And what about GTA-V? The first advantage you can say about GTA-V is that it’s one time investment thing for getting high! (Yeah, you read it right!) You don’t need to look for money from here and there to buy it, just like you crave for money to buy your pot daily!

2. You don’t need to hide!

Now you don’t need to hide yourself from your dad, mom or girlfriend! Having a pot in between your closed ones can bring catastrophe on you, but playing GTA-V would not do any harm to you, even if you’re playing it in the living room! (You can always say “It’s just a game!”)

Longer Lasting Booze-GTA 5
Longer Lasting Booze-GTA 5

3. The longer lasting booze:

The GTA-V game is so long that you don’t need to light it again and again! You don’t know where the time flies by, when playing GTA-V! And can you say same about marijuana? (I don’t think so!) Three characters are simply awesome and can get you high all day and night, unlike marijuana.

4. It’s not so easy!

Nothing is more tempting than a hard challenge, isn’t it? With marijuana, anybody can have it and that too without any challenges! But with GTA-V, it’s never too easy to get something! And that’s the most addictive thing about it. You love the challenges that make it too hard. (What’s the bonus? You can brag about it anytime, anywhere!)

GTA 5 do anthings
GTA 5 do anthings

5. Do anything you want:

What can you do when in high? Play tennis, watch movie or play golf? Not at all! But you can do almost anything in GTA-V, right from jumping out of plane to playing golf (yeah, even if your adrenaline pumps at its max!). It’s graphics are so amazing, that you don’t want to make yourself believe that Dude, it’s a game!’.

6. I’m a badass!

Do all the crazy stuff that you ever wanted to do, even if you’re in high. Killing cops, looting a bank, driving like a maniac, walk in the rain, have food, do whatever you want! Can you do these things with marijuana inside you? And still don’t get caught by the police? You don’t get jailed for being a gangsta’ in GTA-V.

7. You don’t regret sharing it!

Do you ever regret sharing your pot with your friend? Or simply, you don’t like sharing it anyone? But GTA-V is one such thing that you won’t ever regret sharing with anybody! Play it online with your friends or strangers and show your skills to them. And take revenge with those who make you feel gross (hehehe), but you can’t do same with marijuana!

8. Everything is awesome!

Yeah, I know what embarrassing things we can do or imagine after getting high! But with GTA-V everything around you is simply awesome. The imagination in virtual world is much more attractive and brainstorming than the ones in your brain (lol!). And you don’t need to even hide your gruesome imagination in GTA-V (cool!).

9. It’s quick, high dose:

Do you know how it feels when you crave for marijuana and don’t have it at that instant moment? (Yeah, that one when you want to bang your head to put it to rest!) but you don’t need to wait for your high dose when you have GTA-V. It’s like your personal customized high-dose of marijuana!

10. It does not cause dizziness!

And the last one excuse you can make for making GTA-V your new addiction instead of marijuana, is this one. Do you know how hard and brain challenging missions are there in the GTA-V? (If you don’t know then you gotta play it, man!) GTA-V can help you activate your brain cells and make your concentration power better, unlike marijuana that cause dizziness and increase your heart rate, until it bursts! (Kidding! Marijuana may cause heart attack in some cases)

So whatever your excuse is, now you have few more excuses to play GTA 5 until it makes you dreary and exhausted. IN short, if you haven't tried your hands on the GTA 5, then you haven't seen the real gaming yet.

"Vote yes on Proposition 208, and legalize medical cocaine." - Vinewood Blvd. Radio from GTA-V!

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