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How Many Cards In A Deck?

Updated on November 29, 2015

How many cards in a deck of cards?

A standard deck of playing cards includes 52 cards, made up of four suits each, consisting of 13 different cards "Ace" through "King" . Four suits are Hearts, Spades, Diamonds and clubs. What you may not know is how many cards in an UNO deck or a pinochle deck. What a bout a Euchre deck?

There are many games that are played with a standard deck of cards, however not all of them use the entire 52 cards and some games even use more than one deck. This lens is a random list of some popular cards games. Some use a full deck and others do not. Let's have some fun identifying the number of cards in these decks.

Maybe your just looking to see if your playing with a full deck, aren't we all ? Regardless, I encourage you to take a minute and check out some of the fancy decks of cards and innovative new card games that are available these days. If you're like me you'll be surprised at the choices.

Intro photo courtesy of stevendepolo at flickr

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Euchre Decks

How many cards in a Euchre deck?

Euchre is traditionally played with 24 cards these cards include the 9, 10, J. Q, K, A. of all four suits.

Two, three, or four player variations of the Euchre game are quite common. The game is popular all throughout the United States, but more well know in the Midwest farming and manufacturing belt.

There is little known about the origin of the the game, but some attribute it to the German or French regions. It is known to have been brought to the new world by German settlers in Michigan during the 1800's.

How many cards in a Pinochle deck

Pinochle is played with 48 cards and actually uses two decks to accomplish this.

To put together a Pinochle deck using standard decks of cards. You will need two identical decks, meaning the patterns on the backs of the cards should match as not to differentiate between the decks. The game is played with the 9's. 10's. J's. Q's. K's, and Aces from two decks of cards. If you are familiar with a Euchre deck , simply think of the pinochle deck as two Euchre decks combined.

The history of Pinochle probably originated in France and was brought to the Americas with German settlers.Pinochle is a two to four player game with regional and cultural variations that can allow more than two decks and additional players.

How many cards in a Bridge deck?

bis played with a standard 52 card deck. When we discuss the difference between the bridge deck and the standard deck, we are generally describing the difference in the size of the cards themselves. "A bridge deck is smaller, but consists of the same 52 cards found in a regular deck. If you were to measure you'd find both decks are approximately 3.5 inches tall but the Bridge deck is slightly narrower.

The bridge deck will also be found more often than not to have scenes on the back of the cards depicting everything from puppies to world war two pin up girls. By comparison most poker decks traditionally show very nondescript and symmetrical designs on the back sides.

Bridge Decks

How many cards in an UNO deck?

UNO There are 108 cards in an UNO deck. There are four colors red, green, blue, and yellow each color has the same 25 cards:

1-0, 2-1's, 2-2's, 2-3's, 2-4's, 2-5s, 2-6's, 2-7's. 2-8's, 2-9's, 2-Draw Two Cards, 2-Reverse Cards and 2-Skip Cards. The remaining 8 cards consist of 4-Wild Cards and 4-Wild Draw Four Cards.

Uno is a newer game that was designed in the 1970s by a Reading, Ohio barber named Merle Robbins. In the 70's the rights were sold to International games and by "1992" the ownership of Uno went to Mattel, after they purchased International Games, Inc.

How many cards in 52 card pick up? This seems self explanatory, but just in case you're having trouble with it... enjoy the video.

How Many Cards In A Cribbage Deck ?

A cribbage deck uses a full deck of 52 standard playing cards. Where cribbage differs traditionally is that it uses a unique scoring board to keep track of points. You can check out these lenses to find out more about cribbage. Unique Cribbage Boards For Sale

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    • captainj88 profile image

      Leah J. Hileman 

      5 years ago from East Berlin, PA, USA

      Euchre is my particular favorite game. I love card games in general, and I collect decks of cards from the places I travel.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I miss playing Uno.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Card games with friends is fun, and there sure are lots of different decks of cards, and games. :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I love playing crazy 8s and pinochle card games when I lived in Cleveland, Ohio.

    • BobZau profile imageAUTHOR

      Bob Zau 

      6 years ago

      My favorite game is cribbage which uses a standard 52 card deck.


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