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How "Starter" Is The Thunderstone: Starter Set

Updated on March 22, 2017

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Standard Thunderstone Board Set-up

Some Light On the Rules and The Pace of The Game

First off - what is Thunderstone? A game where you and a couple of your friends spend turns -visit the village or the dungeon- to build their starting decks. The game offers a randomised shop in the settlement, where you buy and sell cards to straighten your army in order to succeed in the dungeon. The dungeon is the top area of the field, where 3 monsters will be reviewed at a time, to fight them for riches, glory and progress is the goal to which all players strive to. At its core, this RPG relays on carefully crafted "Light" and "Level" systems. Each of the 3 monsters has a "Light" requirement - if you do not meet it (via having torches or special light sources) a penalty is bestowed upon you for each missing light point - resulting in '-2' damage for your troops (or '+2' life for the monster if that makes you feel better). Experience is gained by killing stuff in the dark dungeons, you then spend it to level-up the heroes in your deck or to feed it to your familiar for special actions. The game ends when the "Boss" monster is defeated in the dungeon. Even though the killing blow does not make you a winner, the fact that you were able to do it is good enough to assume you are at least in the lead. Following this train of thoughts, the victor is determined by the victory points accumulated by adding the values in the bottom right corner of each card.

Sweet Card Backs

Does this feel too advanced for you? Well this is where the starter edition steps in!

By lowering the vast amounts of cards and simplifying the turns, this set provides the balance and all the new-user-friendly tips that you may ever need. The whole pack is essentially a revised copy of the 2009 base game (which has a whooping 500 cards base) tailored to new players that may not want to pay the full price, or feel too inexperienced to these rule sets.

Furthermore the starter set serves not only as a learning tool, but also as the new "base" you'll need when you decide to get your hands on any of the expansions.

Overall the series provides a unique experience for game-night. The randomised start of each game gives you reasons to dive back into it every time you can (even though one full play-through can last for a couple of hours).

If you are more of a traditional Card Games lover, you must know how to play spades or at least the basics. If you need a refresher, this is a great article on the Different variations of Spades available for free at VIP Spades.

Thunderstone Advance Towers Of Ruin
Thunderstone Advance Towers Of Ruin

By far the greatest stand-alone from this series


An In-depth Review Of The Starter Set

Unboxing a new set + some comparison to the stand-alone

For how long a game of Thunderstone lasts for you?

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      Ethan 4 years ago from London

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