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How To Build A Quality House On Minecraft- Part Two

Updated on September 9, 2012

This Lens

This lens is carrying on from my last lens part one, of how to build a quality house, this lens is focusing on finishing the second floor and putting on the roof, if you have not started this house and you would like to please click here for part one of this tutorial.

Step Twelve

Put a ledge in with wooden planks so it goes in front of the glass and one block round the corner.

Step Thirteen

Put wooden planks on top of the glass with stairs on top of the planks. You then build it in three blocks in with stairs again on top of each plank.

Step Fourteen

Put glass in three blocks in. Put stairs in the bottom row to carry on with the theme.

Step Fifteen

This is the last bit of your roof on the overhang and all you do is put one wooden plank in with stairs on top again.

Step Sixteen

Now go to one of the ends of your house and put glass in starting one block in with each layer going in one, this time it should be one at the top instead of two. Then put planks in on top of the glass with the stairs. This is the same as your overhang roof but you don't have 2 blocks along the top of the roof just one. Once you have done that you build in two with planks and of course put the stairs on top.

Step Seventeen

Repeat step twelve.

Step Eighteen

Build four glass in and carry on the stairs theme on the bottom layer. You will notice it blocks up the entrance to the overhang so destroy some of it till you can walk underneath it.

Step Nineteen

Now for the other end it is exactly the same just repeat steps 16-19 apart from the bit where it says it blocks up the overhang entrance.

Step Twenty

Now you have a gap in the middle of the glass roof which you can just fill up with the wooden planks doing the usual putting stairs on top.

Step Twenty One

You will have to do a bit of tweaking of the roof with the overhang roof so it flows into your main roof, but basically try and make it flow together like mine.

And that is the outside done. Well Done for getting this far!

Now For the Decorating!

Well done for getting this far now all you need to do is do some decorating and your house is finished.


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    • profile image

      Ez_kill10 6 weeks ago

      is there part 3

    • profile image

      Anonymous 4 months ago

      You just take the Roof thing on top of the glass i think

    • profile image

      :( 23 months ago

      i dont get thirteen