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How to build a Warhammer game board

Updated on July 12, 2014

Warhammer board tutorial

When it comes to the game Warhammer, there are many components needed in order to play a game. A very important one is the board that all the figures and terrain go on top of. Many Warhammer and Warhammer 40k gamers forget about the board, and just use a desk or a piece of wood and call it good. They think they don't have the money to buy the felt grass that goes on top of the board. When really their are many ways to texture a Warhammer board, especially some cheap and easy ways.

How to build a good Warhammer board

*the cheap way*

I will actually be telling you multiple ways to create a board through different materials and budgets. Also I will include some photos and videos of Warhammer boards to give you tutorials or inspiration to make your own personalized one. Besides the obvious way of buying a 300 dollar paintable textured board from the Warhammer store, you can make ones that look almost as good.

FIRST METHOD - the first and cheapest and not to mention easiest way to create a decent Warhammer board is with some cardboard, paper, and color pencils. As simple as it sounds simply find a large box and cut out a flap of cardboard 6x4 or tape 2 cardboard pieces to equal the size. Then take your sheets of paper and tape them on top to cover the cardboard look. Take your color pencils and color the type of texture or terrain you want such as green for grass, or brown for dirt. Then you have a Warhammer board to use if you have no materials or money to make it out of.

Warhammer Gaming Board

*Medium Budget*

SECOND METHOD - this method requires about 15-20 dollars to create a board, but it will look a lot better then the first method. You need to buy 2 pieces of foam board that when put together equal roughly 6x4. You don't need to attack them, in fact it's easier for storage to leave it in two pieces. Then buy a large felt fabric sheet that can cover 6x4 in either green, grey, brown, or tan for your terrain texture. The felt will give it some texture and the foam board is thinker and more durable compared to the cardboard. If you want to you can cut out smaller shapes of foam bird and tape them on the board under the fabric to create a hill or difficult terrain for the board.

THIRD METHOD - this method is not much more expensive if you happen to have the materials lying around the house, and this is the best quality of game board you could make with a small limited budget. You need to go to a hardware store and buy a piece of wood 6x4, some glue bottles, old brushes, spray bottle, and some gravel or rock from your yard or the store. You take the glue and mix it with water to create a spreadable glue to paint on your board section by section as it dries fast. You then sprinkle the gravel or rock you have to where it covers the board. You keep doing this until the entire surface of the board is covered. Then take some of the glue water and put it in the spray bottle, spray it on top of the gravel or rock on the board. This will cause most of the pieces to stick together. Let it dry for a few hours and then tilt the board to dump any excess material you may have that isn't sticking.

Warhammer gaming boards

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Warhammer board tutorials - the videos are a little out of order... the order its in is 3,1,2

last video

first video

second video


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