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How to Buy Antique Point De Venise Needle Lace Tablecloths, Napkins and Linens on Ebay

Updated on February 13, 2013

Antique Italian Point de Venise Lace for Your Dining Table!

So you want to invest in a wonderful heirloom for your family holidays? Then look not further.

Point de Venise needlepoint lace is a wonderful buttonhole stitched antique lace. The lace was sewn onto a backing paper, the paper was then removed to reveal the sturdy elegant lace. Point de Venise (sometimes mis-spelled point de Venice) is a wonderful hard-wearing hand made vintage and antique lace made in Italy.

There is a very similar Belgian buttonhole stitched needle lace, Zele lace, that is made the same way. These are often listed interchangeably on Ebay but the designs differ slightly. The Zazzle mugs below show the differences in design between the two laces.

Must have Point de Venise Needlelace Pieces on Ebay - Up for auction right now!

Point de Venise is very valuable because it was so tedious and time consuming to make and because it is a sturdy, elegant and usable antique lace. Needlelaces like this are often seen as trim on antique bed linens, banquet and dining tablecloths, napkins and serviettes, some clothing , Normandy lace pillows and monograms inset in Irish linen bedding and tablecloth sets.

Here are some wonderful Point De venise needlelace pieces on Ebay.

Buying the Right sized Point de Venise Lace Tablecloth - You need to answer a few questions

-- What shape & size is your dining table?

-- How formal do you want the table to look?

-- How long of a drop would you like at the edge of the table?

For an antique or vintage dinner table or banquet cloth, a 9" drop is reasonable all around the table, you can go up to 15" for very formal dinners. So add approximately 18" in each direction for the length of holiday or dinner table if you have to put table extensions or leafs in. Measure your table, add that 18" then puts it by your computer for mistake-free bidding and shopping.

Below are a wonderful selection of high quality antique Point de Venise table cloths and Banquet cloths.

Unused Antique Point de Venice Needlelace Tablecloths

With fine antique linens it is a wonderful treat to find unused wedding gifts, treasured linens that need someone to use and cherish them after 50 years or more in a drawer. They are a fantastic buy and a fraction of the cost that anything new would be and a thousand times better quality. Often sets had the napkins tacked together in a bundle with the same linen thread made to make the lace. Occasionally there will be a thick paper tag but it is very rare to find.

If there are any of these incredibly rare items on Ebay they will be listed below.

Italian Needle Lace Tablecloth and Napkin Sets

These wonderful needlelace tablecloth sets are fairly scarce especially undamaged. A 100"+ banquet tablecloth should come with 12 napkins. Banquet cloths are found in longer sizes than 100". The most desirable sets have 18 or 24 matching napkins over 22" square. Expect to pay a lot for these. Smaller vintage sets may just have 8 serviettes or table napkins around 72" to 86" length.

It is rarer to find the 40 or 50" squares of solid lace, and almost impossible for 80-100" rounds with or without napkins. Expect to pay a premium for a large round Point de Venise cloth even with no napkins.

The auctions below show some of these available right now!

Figural Italian Point de Venise Linens

Figural lace has the highest demand and refers to antique tablecloths with non floral designs and motifs. Mythical creatures like unicorns, dragons, sphinxes are seen. Other popular creatures are lions, people, courting couples and cherubs or putti. Bird deisgns are also included in the category but are less expensive. Game animals and birds like deer and pheasant are sought after.

Looking for new lace tablecloths? - Check these out or browse using the search box!

I'd love to hear from you! - Let us know if you liked our lens today. Thanks for dropping by!

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