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How to Buy Wii Remote Controls at a Great Price and Fix Sync Problems

Updated on March 8, 2019
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Didn't grow up with the internet, smart phones or social media, but thoroughly enjoy conquering all & sharing what I've learned with others.

Great Bargains for Wii Remotes and How to Sync to your Console

You may wonder why these 2 topics are featured on this page. If you haven't haven't bought an additional Wii Remote for your existing Wii Game console, or replaced a broken WiiMote*, you probably won't see the connection.

On this page, I will explain why replacement WiiMotes will need to be synced, how to find discounted prices for WiiMotes, and how to sync up your great finds to your existing Wii.

*Nintendo Wii's brand name for the wireless Wii Remote Game Controller.

Photo Credit: Me :) 1 WiiMote (black) included with the purchase of a Wii Game console, and the 3 additional eBay-purchased WiiMotes that were connected to the console using the Sync process below. :)

What is Sync, and why would I need it if I have a Wii Game Console?

Wii Remotes are automatically synced to the Wii Game consoles with which they are shipped. A replacement, or an added WiiMote, will need to be synced (connected) with your console in order to work properly. This needs to be done for replacement Original Wii Remotes as I have done and, according to info I've been given by my daughter, Wii Plus Remotes as well..

Make sense now?

Nintendo Wii Remotes (also known as WiiMotes)

Although this image looks like I have a Wii Controller problem, I assure you I only have 4. However. I do have a creative graphic issue.
Although this image looks like I have a Wii Controller problem, I assure you I only have 4. However. I do have a creative graphic issue. | Source

Check out Wii Remotes at Amazon

A better price can be found at Amazon rather than some Retail Stores, even with shipping.

Official Official WilPlus Remotes are Recommended

Nintendo Wii Remote Plus - White
Nintendo Wii Remote Plus - White
Official OEM Versions include White, Black, Red and Favorite Nintendo Character Versions. I and my grandson prefer the Black WiiMote, but of course my grandaughters want Princess Peach

Yes, even Wii has Bootleggers copying their merchandise, so look for their Official Trademark

Maybe some copies work just as well as the original. However, in my experience with my daughters purchases, aftermarket Wii Remotes do not function as well as the originals. So I highly suggest paying a little bit more for the authentic trademarked version.

Wii Remote "Wii" should always be located on the front of the remote near the bottom, however...

Look for pictures of the product that do not include this. If you see even one picture of a "Wii" remote without the trademark, it's most likely made by a Non-OEM manufacturer who missed that fact in the edit of their copy, and is falsely misleading their online sellers and the buying public into believing they are purchasing an Official Nintendo Wii product. I'm pretty sure, much like the any big brand name industry, this is illegal copyright infringement.

There may be more hints pointing to Wii counterfeit products, but I am not aware of them with any authority. If you know, won't you share it with us in the comments near the bottom of this page?

Photo Credit: Me

Look for the "Wii" and "Wii MotionPlus INSIDE" Trademarks for Official Wii products
Look for the "Wii" and "Wii MotionPlus INSIDE" Trademarks for Official Wii products

Bid on Used, but Authentic OEM Wii Accessories at eBay

Look for Wii Trademarks as mentioned above, and remember what I said about OEM only being White, Black, Red or Official Nintendo Character versions.

Bidding Tips:

If you have left over parts like a battery door, or don't need them because you'll be using Rechargeable Batteries with a Wii Charger, you can get even a better deal that other bidders may have little interest in. That's how I got 2 of my replacement WiiMotes for a steal. (See the charger I have below. I love it for it's ease of use and simplicity.)

If you don't care, missing Wii Remote wrist straps, remotes that are dirty looking, or have visible scratches, can also make you a great discounted deal.

Highly Recommended Psyclone Charging Station for 4 WiiMotes

I am extremely happy with this charger.

Here are the many reasons why:

Easy to use

Hold 4 remotes

It charges very quickly

LED lights show each individual remote is charging, or has completed charging

The remotes slide into correct position due to the superior design of the base

I have no complaints, but the only valid negative comment from other customers is the lack of color options. Yeah, they do come in just black, but with 3 white remotes, and only 1 black...

I don't care. It works great, so I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Psyclone Charging System with 4 Wii Controllers
Psyclone Charging System with 4 Wii Controllers
* Take out the regular batteries. * Insert the included and integrated battery packs/battery covers. * Place 'em on the Charger. * The light display for each blinks while charging... * ...then in a short time, goes steady when charge completed. That's it, all done. It's that easy.

How to Sync Replacement Wii Remotes - If this doesn't fix your WiiMote, you may have to have it serviced, or buy a cheap replacement, depending on cost.

First push any button. If ALL 4 of the player LED light displays on the bottom of the WiiMote are blinking, you will need to sync the remote to your Wii console.

The following steps are how you accomplish this task.

  1. Power on Wii Console.
  2. Remove battery cover on Wii Remote.
  3. Check batteries from in non-working WiiMote into operating WiiMote or other electronic device. Replace working batteries, or insert new batteries, into non-operational WiiMote, and go to next step.
  4. Go to Wii Console. Open SD Cover located underneath the game disk slot. Locate, but do not push yet, the rectangular Red Button.
  5. On the WiiMote, press the small Red circular button inside the battery cover. All the blue LED lights on the front of the WiiMote will blink continuously. While still blinking...
  6. Press the rectangular button, on the Wii Console, and release. The first light on the left should be on, signifying Player One WiiMote is ready for play and recognized by the Wii Console.
  7. Repeat steps 2-6 for other WiiMotes requiring syncing. Process is complete when all WiiMotes are in sync and playable.

If you haven'nt been able to Fix the Problem, please leave a comment below, and I'll try to find the answer for you.

Were you able to Sync your WiiMote using the directions given?

See results

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