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how to crochet barbie doll hat (pattern)

Updated on August 7, 2011

DIY - crochet Barbie doll hat

In this lens I will show You how to crochet hat for Barbie doll. It's very easy and I have added also pictures of each step.

It's first time I try to write description of how I make something and I hope everything will be clear. Also English is not my mother tongue so please forgive me my mistakes.

But now - let's make this cute hat for Barbie.

Short notes about this pattern

This doll hat is made of 4 ply cotton yarn and 2 mm crochet hook. If You use different size hook or yarn result may differ from original (be bigger or smaller).

Used stitches:

ss - slip stitch

sc - single crochet

dc - double crochet

ch - chain

In rounds 1 - 9 I used back loop crocheting (insert hook under back loop).


Step 1

O.K. Let's start!

Chain 5.


Step 2

Join with slip stitch (ss) to form a ring.


Step 3

Round 1

10 x single stitch (sc) in the ring; ss in 2nd chain from the hook.


Step 4

Round 2

ch 1; [2 x sc in same chain, 1 x sc]; repeat [ ] 4 more times; 1 x sc; ss.


Step 5

Round 3

[2 x sc in same chain; 1 x sc]; repeat [ ] 7 more times; ss in next chain.

Step 6

Rounds 4 - 7

Round 4

1 x sc in each chain (24 times); ss in next chain from the hook.

Round 5

1 x sc in each chain (24 times); ss in next chain from the hook.

Round 6

1 x sc in each chain (24 times); ss in next chain from the hook.

Round 7

1 x sc in each chain (24 times); ss in next chain from the hook.

As You can see - all 4 rounds are the same.


You now have...

Now You have two choices - You can either leave the hat as is (looks already nice, doesn't it?) or continue. If You decide to continue, turn hat to the other side.


Step 7

Round 8

2 x sc in each chain.

Step 8

Round 9

[2 x dc in same chain; 6 x dc]; repeat [ ] 5 more times; 2 x dc in same chain; 4 x dc; ss in 2nd chain from hook.


Step 9

Round 10

1 x sc in each chain; ss in next chain. Fasten off.

Congratulations! You have this cute Barbie doll hat.

Find different style Barbie hats!

If You are not sure You want to make this hat, but You would like to get one, feel free to visit my studio where every arbie will find something for her (and not only Barbie - also Blythe and Monster High girls!)

Handmade fashion doll clothes, crocheted appliques, beads and more

This is my first "pattern" and I'm not sure if I have wrote everything correct. If You don't understand something in this pattern or find a mistake in it, please, let me know and I will correct it.

Help me to improve this pattern!

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    • profile image

      sylvia 7 months ago

      Thank you so much for the tutorials. I have been searching for one of this kind. The hat is so beautiful. Thanks again!!

    • profile image

      mary thon 2 years ago

      Thank you lost stitch for sharing pattern. Step 9 I did 2 DC in each stitch. My goof But, I still like it. Next hat will be right.