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How To Decorate Your Minecraft Home

Updated on September 9, 2012

Decorating In Minecraft

Everyone needs to have some style in their houses in minecraft, or they will be laughed at by other people, you might have a wonderful house but if there is nothing in it then it is boring. This is partly a continuation of my tutorial on how to build a quality house, but it is also just general tips. This is not only going to have tips for in the house but also for other things like farms.


Putting a moat around your house is a great way to help vary your house, while not destroying the look of the house. Most people put a one block wide moat around their house but why not two? In my opinion it looks better.


Only for the rich.... Well not on Minecraft, you can build almost anything on Minecraft, and balcony's are great feature to put on your house as they are quick and easy to build for a great looking feature. Something I found that looks quite good is to put a little roof over a balcony it just looks like that bit more effort has been added.

A Seating Area

We all know you can't sit down on a chair in Minecraft, but it doesn't mean you can't make some chairs and even a TV in your house, we all know how to make some chairs (stairs and signs), And a TV (black wool and a picture).

Worktop Area

Have you built my house yet? If not click here. If you have you might be wondering where to put your furnace and crafting table well i found quite a good place, and all you do is fill in the sides of the stairs with wooden planks so and then take away some of the corner to make space for the furnace and crafting table.

Secret Basement

You might want to keep your diamonds somewhere well hidden, because some people may want them. Well behind that picture is a secret basement which you can put a chest in, if you do not know this trick watch the video below to learn how to.

How To Hide Doors With Pictures

Hanging Lights

Have you got a big room that needs lighting up? Well you could put a couple of fences up that has a glowstone on the end of it.

Fencing Around The Stairway

Have you got stairs like the one in the picture below? If so put some fencing up on the ledges, to make it that much better.

Put Some Bookshelves Around The House

Got some space in your house which needs filling? Bookshelves are often excellent ways to fill in unused areas.


Chairs can look very good in a house all you need are some stairs and signs.

Hanging Lanterns

On the default texture pack I hate the glowstone but if you use the Doku craft texture pack it can look very nice indeed, with some the things you can do with the glowstones.

A Few Quick Tips

Don't use to many materials when building.

Don't put torches to high or to low.

Keep your buildings well lit, there is nothing worse than a badly lit house.

Keep things symmetrical, it looks better.

Try different texture packs because the default texture pack is very boring.


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      Gregory12 LM 5 years ago

      @ImmatureEntrepr: Thanks! Glad you like it

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      ImmatureEntrepr 5 years ago

      Amazing job on your lens! Squid Angel blessed. :)