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How to Install Mods in Windows

Updated on September 30, 2013


Mods (short for modifications) are used to change the Minecraft gameplay. Mods can be a lot of fun, especially when they change the game in a major way. However, installing mods is not always easy. This hub will explain how to install mods with the Windows OS.

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NOTE: It is known that there are custom installers and launchers for mods. Please do not post in the comments that we have neglected to include these installers and launchers. To include all of them would make this hub very long.

This tutorial is for Minecraft v.1.5.2.

The Forge download page, with the optimal download circled in red.
The Forge download page, with the optimal download circled in red. | Source

The Basics: Step 1

All good mods need a good modloader. The most popular one is Forge ModLoader by far, and this tutorial will be using this modloader. It can be downloaded here.

Download the 'universal' file, using the link. Choose the link that fits your version of minecraft.

The Forge zip file archive menu.
The Forge zip file archive menu. | Source

Opening the File: Step 2

Once the file has been downloaded, find the file in your downloads by going to 'Computer', and then 'Downloads' (in the toolbar on the left). Put the file on the desktop for easy accessibility. Then, using an archiving utility, right click on the file and select 'Open Archive' (in the tutorial, 7Zip is being used).

The minecraft.jar open archive menu.
The minecraft.jar open archive menu. | Source

Opening minecraft.jar: Step 3

Once the archive of the .zip file is opened, it is time to open the archive of the minecraft.jar. To get to minecraft.jar, open a 'Run' window and type in '%appdata%', then hit 'Enter' or 'OK'. This will open the AppData/Roaming folder. The first folder should be the .minecraft. Enter the folder, then go to 'bin' and find the 'minecraft.jar' file. Right click, and select 'Open Archive', like for the Forge file.

Both archive windows open, ready for copying.
Both archive windows open, ready for copying. | Source

Copying the Files: Step 4

Once both files are open, delete the META-INF folder from the minecraft.jar file. Then, select all of the files from the Forge file and copy it to the minecraft.jar. Once it has finished copying, save and close both windows.

Actually putting in the mods: Step 5

Minecraft is now ready to begin modding! But, before installing any mods, Forge has to set up. Launch Minecraft, and a screen should pop up saying that Forge is setting up. Once the home screen has appeared, Minecraft can be closed.

Now, navigate to the .minecraft folder again. There will be a new folder entitled 'mods'. This folder is created by Forge, and is totally normal. Now, when mods are downloaded, the .zip file (do not unzip the mod's zip file until told to do so by the creator) goes in the mods folder. Once mods are put in, launch Minecraft and Forge will launch the mods!

NOTE: Some mods require special installation differing from the kind specified on this hub. Check the creator's post to see if any special installation is needed. Also, some mods do not work well with others. Again, check the compatibility on the creator's post.

Modding can be very fun, but also very dangerous to your Minecraft account. Some servers do not allow mods, and may ban people for running mods. Make sure to check the server's policy before logging on with a modded client.

DISCLAIMER: MCAdvice is not responsible for any problems with the Minecraft launcher after modding. Remember to double-check all actions and everything will work correctly!

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