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How to Play Facebook Games on an Android Phone

Updated on May 1, 2013

The popularity of android phones can be attributed to the fact that android users can access social media platform without any limitations. Facebook is particularly popular and a Facebook app for android ensures that the social media experience cannot be missed. The app is constantly improved to allow viewing of friends, tagging photos and even play Facebook games.

Facebook games are increasingly popular and android users are keen to know how to play Facebook games on an android phone. The Facebook game may not be necessarily aimed at the younger generations. They are indeed useful for all categories of people who will find a game which resonates with their interests and hobbies. The Facebook games are also an ingenious way of connecting with friends. Facebook games can be played on any android phone running version 2.2 of the android operating system.

The biggest and most popular developer of the Facebook games is Zynga. Having seen that Facebook games can be used to accomplish different purposes, here is how to play Facebook games on an android phone.

  • Facebook games have been developed on the Adobe Flash platform. The first step must be installing the Adobe Flash app. Open the app launcher and go to Google Play. Browse to find the app and install it.

  • Click on the home button and from the options tap on the browser icon. Type Facebook in the address bar and search. On the Facebook homepage enter your email address and password to log into your account.

  • Once in your Facebook account, type to name of your favorite game in the search box and search. From the list of options provided, tap on the game to launch the game.

  • A long press on the screen will allow you to play on the full screen.

Some of the Facebook games will require that you install them first before proceeding to play them. Install the game and enjoy playing it over and over again. The above listed steps on how to play Facebook games on an android phone are simple and straightforward.

The only disadvantage of playing the Facebook games on your android phone has to do with draining the battery. The need to constantly recharge the phone means you have to carry a charger and must be close to a power outlet.


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