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How to play LEGO CHIMA Speedorz

Updated on April 16, 2013

Playing the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Speedorz game

How do you play the LEGO Legends of CHIMA Speedorz game? The game includes small Speedorz vehicles with a flywheel and ripcord with obstacles and card. Let's look at how to play the LEGO CHIMA Speedorz game.

I'll be updating this page as we learn more about the Speedorz game and its rules. We now have a LEGO Chima Speedorz set so we've been able to try the game out and have the pictorial instructions that come with the game. I've interpreted the instructions as best I can, let me know in the comments if I got anything wrong or missed anything.

Chima CHI Battles 70113

@ Amazon


Speedorz CHI Battles 70113 includes everything you need for a two-player game of Speedorz. We have this set and I'll include pictures from it on this page.

Speedorz - A one, two or more player game

LEGO Legends of CHIMA

Speedorz can be played by an individual. You can practice your skill and try to beat your previous achievements. And you'll be improving your skills for when you next have an opponent.

You can play Speedorz as a two-player battle game with each player representing one of the animal tribes of CHIMA.

You can also extend Speedorz to a multi-player game so no one needs to be left out in a group of friends.

Win 6 CHI crystals

(Overall objective)

Speedor Vehicles

The Speedor vehicles first need to be assembled. They include a flywheel and a vehicle top which are connected with pins. A LEGO minifigure is placed on a Speedor with their legs under the top of the vehicle.

You push the ripcord through a hole near the flywheel and pull to charge the vehicle - make sure your hands are not blocking the flywheel.

Quickly place the charged Speedor on a flat surface and off it shoots.

LEGO CHIMA Speedorz Tutorial Video

You can watch the LEGO CHIMA Speedorz tutorial video to see how it's done:

Speedorz Obstacles

Speedorz uses various obstacles which are built from LEGO pieces. In some sets there is a CHI orb (blue ball) to release and capture. The obstacles and objectives in each set are different. If you have multiple sets you can combine them for a more varied game.

The sets also include ramps which can be mounted by Speedorz to lift the vehicle up. This is tricky and takes some practice.

The obstacles are nice LEGO models in their own right which means they can be played with alongside the other LEGO CHIMA sets as well as being used in the game.


CHI Battles Games

We have the CHI Battles Speedorz set which includes two Speedorz vehicles and a variety of obstacles that can be used to play various mini games that form rounds in an overall game - scoring is via CHI crystals:

  1. Be first to hit the spinning top. This set includes a LEGO spinning top (a nod to Spinjitzu perhaps) which you build from LEGO pieces. It spins very well. You set the spinner spinning and then both players (or more I guess) set off their Speedorz and try to be the first to hit the spinner.
  2. Hit the cones. This set includes four buildable fang cones - two red and two yellow. This is sort of like Speedorz skittles. Take turns to see how many fang cones you can knock down.
  3. Capture the CHI orb. A blue CHI orb is hidden under the main obstacle in this set. Try to hit the obstacle and release the CHI orb and grab it.

LEGO Chima ZipBin Battle Case - LEGO CHIMA Speedorz Storage Case

You'll want somewhere to store all the pieces that are used for playing LEGO CHIMA. The sets come with lots of pieces including Speedor vehicles, ripcords, minifigures, obstacles, CHI crystals and cards.

This LEGO Chima ZipBin Battle Case can also be used as an arena to play Speedorz on.

Speedorz Game Cards

Each Speedorz pack includes game cards which are used when you have two or more players in a Speedorz game to determine who wins a CHI crystal for a round of the game. You start the game with a deck of game cards which are used during the game.

As you can see, each card has a value against four symbols (representing the battle powers of instinct, speed, courage and strength.) And there's also an overall CHI value.

When a player wins a round (e.g. by releasing a CHI orb) then they get to draw a Speedorz card and choose a battle power. The player that has the highest value for that skill wins the round and gains two CHI crystals. This part of the game is like Top Trumps.

You can also choose to add the CHI score to your instinct score by paying with a CHI crystal if you think that gives you a better chance. (With my math advocate hat on I rather like this aspect of the game - you're doing simple arithmetic and weighing up odds.)

Watch the LEGO CHIMA Card Tutorial to see the cards being used in a game of Speedorz.

Speedorz Card Tutorial

Speedorz Power-Upz

Power-Upz are LEGO elements that attach to Speedorz vehicles and change how the vehicle moves and interacts with obstacles.

Speedorz CHI Crystals

Speedorz sets include blue CHI crystals. The objective of Speedorz is to win six of these CHI crystals.

LEGO CHIMA Speedorz Manual and Tutorial

There should be a LEGO CHIMA Speedorz manual available online soon. I'll link to it when it's available.

Here's a sample page from the instruction manual for CHI Battles.

CHI Battles Instructions @ - Pictorial instructions are at the back of the manual.

There's also the Ultimate Speedor Tournament Instructions.

You can also watch the Speedorz Tutorial Video.

Speedorz Jousting

Legends of CHIMA

You can also play Speerdoz jousting according to the LEGO Club Magazine Issue 1 2013 UK. It has a page called Laval's Guide to Speedorz tactics and offers the tip that you should not "load up with too many weapons when jousting!) and shows a picture of two Speedorz jousting with one minifigure flying out of his Speedor.

Interesting. It looks like this is a battle game to play with Speedorz similar to Spinjitzu spinners.

The magazine also notes that the Grand Arena hosts official Speedorz tournaments. And informal Speedorz jousts tale place between tribes.

Speedorz Packs

Each Speedorz pack includes a Speedor vehicle, a CHIMA minifigure, game cards, CHI crystals, weapons and an obstacle.

If you have multiple sets then you can combine them to create a longer obstacle course for your Speedorz.

The second wave of Speedorz sets is available now (released March 2013.)

LEGO Chima Jungle Gates (70104)

@ Amazon


LEGO Chima Nest Dive (70105)

@ Amazon


LEGO Chima Ice Tower (70106)

@ Amazon


First wave of Speedorz sets available from Jan 2013.

Chima CHI Waterfall 70102

@ Amazon


Chima Ring of Fire 70100

@ Amazon


Chima Boulder Bowling 70103

@ Amazon


Chima Target Practice 70101

@ Amazon


Speedorz Battle and Tournament Packs

With 2 Speedorz

These sets include two Speedorz and everything you need for a two player game of CHIMA Speedorz.

Chima CHI Battles 70113

@ Amazon


Chima Ultimate Speedor Tournament 70115

@ Amazon


LEGO Legends of Chima Eagles' Castle 70011

@ Amazon


LEGO 70011 Eagles' Castle @ is a double Speedorz set that also includes a fairly large buildable Eagle castle.

Thanks for Visiting

How to play LEGO CHIMA Speedorz

Do you have any tips or further info? Do you enjoy the game?

What do you think of LEGO CHIMA Speedorz? - Comments

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thanks for the info. but i think that the player who wins gets to select which power to play with and so his opponent(s) must also play using only that power. as for the points in the middle it can only be added to the power if the lightning connects to it.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great toy to have! Great gift too...

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i think it would be really fun and if i get one i wil be happy


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