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How well do you know your friends? This game will tell all!

Updated on December 31, 2014

Well? Do you think you know your best friend? Your significant other? Your sibling? You think so, don't you? Prior to the creation of this game you might have known who you thought your friends were. Flash forward to 2015 and we're in a competitive world. Here, there is no 2nd place gets a blue ribbon and everyone is a winner. Here, we were children born of challenge and who comes first and only the fastest wins.

The first thing you need to know here, reader, is that my friends and I used to get together every Thursday for board games. We called it Thirsty Thursday and while whomever hosted made food for the evening, the first thing to get opened was a bottle of Rum. Kraken. I digress. The second thing to be opened (perhaps regrettably before the food?) was the game.

At first it was a fun game of Catch Phrase, where we were frustrated still laughing, then Apples to Apples made us blush or rave about how "Awkward" or "Wild" our "First Kiss" was. Then, things began to change. The depth in which we needed to descend extended past the "Adolf Hitler" was "Cruel" to needing to know something about that person that either made you their best friend or made you feel weird about working in the cubicle next to theirs the next day.

Here, the designated first player (whomever has the next birthday works fine for our crew!) puts the first card down. He or She selects the cards that make the most sense (or make her laugh till she pees) to her.

You might find the card to say: "getting ____ with _____ makes me ____."

And you have LOTS of options. They might be such festive suggestions as : "Naked," "Lady Gaga", and "Pretend to Care" but you lay them down ANONYMOUSLY until you choose, in which case the evil fiend must CLAIM the WINNING card. Even better: there are blank cards so you can make your own!

Suddenly it's up to you to come up with the most inappropriate, mind bending, twisted Mad-Libs so that you can win this.

Mind you, folks, this is the gentle side of this game. It is not kind, not gentle, and does not come with words that are painted lightly or rated "G", as it were.

This is an adult game and it's meant to be played with adults..

Consider yourself warned.

Cards against humanity
Cards against humanity

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    • kristalulabelle profile image

      Kristen 4 years ago from Wisconsin

      I may have to check this game out!