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How to Get Over 1 Million Score in Subway Surfers

Updated on November 10, 2014
Get high score in Subway Surfers
Get high score in Subway Surfers

Yes, you can get over 1 million score in Subway Surfers without cheating. No, I am not going to give you any cheat codes or hacks to multiply your scores. In this guide, you will learn the process of scoring high.

For those, who do not have much idea about “Subway Surfers”, I am going to give some basic info about the game. There is a Danish games development company named Kiloo. They produced this game with the help of another Danish mobile game developer company named SYBO Games in 2012.

Subway Surfers is an “endless running” game. The players have to take the roll of teen aged runners chased by a fat inspector and his dog. This game was downloaded by millions of users on Android, iPhone and Windows Phone platforms.

Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers | Source

Multiplier for Getting High Scores

A multiplier is the most important tool to get high scores in Subway Surfers. Everyone starts with x1 multiplier. After completing each mission, the multiplier increases. The multiplier can be up to x30.

Do you know how a multiplier works? It will multiply your scores. For example, if you run 100 meters with x5 multiplier, then your score will be 100 x 5 = 500. A x30 multiplier will give you 3000 per 100 meters. Is not it great?

So, you need complete the missions to increase the multiplier. At the top of the 1st screen of the game, you will find your active missions. This will be like collecting certain amount of coins, jumping a certain number of times etc.


Go to the shop to upgrade the power ups. These things will help you to boost your score quickly. The things which are better to upgrade are the Coin Magnet, 2x multiplier and the Jet Pack.

The Coin Magnet attracts every coin from any side of the rail road. If you boost it, then it will remain active for longer period of time. Thus you will be able to get coins faster.

2x Multiplier is a great tool to increase your scores faster. It will double your existing multiplier. So, if you have a x30 multiplier, then you will get scores at x60 for certain time.

Jet Packs are great. These items will make the character fly in the sky where there is no train or barrier.

There is a power up called “Double Coins”. It will double all the coins collected by you. But you need to buy it by spending a little real cash.


Hoverboards are the best safeguards against crashes. If you suddenly face a running train in front of you without having any way to escape, activate a hoverboard to destroy the train. Yes, it will destroy the obstacle in front of you. But a hoverborad can only destroy one obstacle. It will also last for 30 seconds only.

You can activate a hovercraft by double tapping while running. You need some practice activate it during the emergency.

Hoverboards can be bought from the shop using coins. A hoverboard will cost you 500 coins. You will also get some from the mystery boxes.

Most important powerups in Subway Surfers
Most important powerups in Subway Surfers

Keys and Score Booster

Keys will regenerate the avatar. If your run ends in a crash, use one key to get another life. The race will begin again from that point. You can collect keys from running on the tracks. You can also get keys from mystery boxes. After completing missions, you can get some keys. These items can also be bought from the shop.

You can buy a score booster from the shop using some coins. This item can be activated at the beginning of the race. It will add +5 to your current multiplier. So, if you are in x10 multiplier level, this booster will make it +15 for this run only.

Subway Surfers Trailer

How to Survive Longer on Subway Surfers

To get a really high score you need to play the game like an expert. How to be an expert in subway surfers? Follow the tips given below:

- Try to go to the top of the trains to look what is in front of you. In this way you will be able to save yourself from many crashes.

- Do not try to get coins and powerups from dangerous positions. Always try to go through the safest way.

- Look for the Jetpack and 2x Multiplier powerups while running. These items will help to score more.

- When in danger, use a hoverboard by double tapping on the screen. You need to practice it, otherwise you will not be able to use it on time.

- While jumping, slide to the left or right to land on the safest track.

- Super sneakers will jump any obstacles, but it may make you land on wrong places. To control a jump, use roll while jumping. It will stop the jump in mid-air and you will land on that spot.

- Play the game often to increase your motor skills and muscle memory.


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