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How To Customize a Blythe Doll

Updated on January 9, 2008

How to customize your own Blythe

Dislike your Blythe looking like every other Blythes? Or is your Blythe looking a little shabby these days and in a dire need of make over?

Here's a little help for those who are searching for a weekend activity to do with their Blythes. Find what you need to know to give your Blythe a make over here on this lens.

Or too scared or couldn't be bothered to work on your Blythe, find a list of customized Blythes up for sale!

This site will be updated from time to time. So keep checking in to find out more!

Great finds on nude dolls to customize on!

I totally understand the anxiety of customizing one of your girls. there is too much love and affection to want to want to hurt her in case you mess things up.

This is what Ebay is great for! You get to buy old dolls to practise your customization skills on. And what's even better is that you can convince yourself that you are only merely giving her a make over.

Here is some of the most popular sellers of used dolls.

Shiny no more!

I thought we should start with something easy for the beginners who are customizing their Blythes for the first time.

One of the favourite activities of Blythe owners is to take pictures of their girlies. It's one of my favourite past time as well. As a new Blythe owner, one of the things that annoy me is the shiny faces of my dollies. I hate the light reflecting on their faces when I take a picture. It looks like the bottom of a frying pan. Not a good sophiscated look at all!

There are 2 ways of mattifying her face. The first way is to use Mr Super Clear. To do that, you will have to first use cling film to cover her hair and the rest of her body. Also, take two pieces of triangular paper, roll them into the shape of a cone and insert it into her eyes socket. This will protect her eyes from the spray.

Be warned that the spray is highly foul smelling, so make sure you do this in the garden where you have plenty of fresh air. Spray on 2 -5 coats depending on what you are after, ensuring that each coat dries before you spray it again. Do note that the make up will appear lighter after being sprayed and that you have sealed in the make up with the spray.

The disadvantage of matte spraying is that you get dirt and scratches on it eventually and there is no way you can touch up on that.

The preferred method is to use sanding sponge. It is recommended that you use sanding sponges from Norton in fine and extra fine (300 grit & up). Once again, protect her eyes with the paper cone.

Cut the sandpaper into small rectangular pieces and do a test at the back of her head with the fine sanding sponge. Sand in circular motions, if you see scratches, your sand paper is too coarse. You may proceed to sand her all over the face but remember to do it with love, or you may change the contours of her face.

Sanding her face will remove her make up. So if you want to keep her eyeshadow and blusher, remember to stay away from those areas. When you are done with sanding her using the fine sponge, go over with the extra fine sponge for a smooth, flawless finish. Finally, use a soft T shirt to rub her down, bringing back a bit of glow to her face.

This is one of the easiest customization you can perform on your Blythe to excellent result.

Make me over with MAC!!

Changing her eyeshadow colour and blusher Part 1

Fancy yourself as a make up artist? Or just want to have your Blythe look like you? Here's one easy way to get make up on her without leaving your home!

As previously mentioned, sanding the doll can remove the blusher and eye make up.

A tip from some very seasoned Blythe Customizers is to make your doll over with your own make up. I was very surprised to hear that but yes you heard me right. Your make up could double up as make up for your blythe doll too!

To add colour to the cheeks, swirl a cotton ball into the desired blusher. Using the dabbing motion and gentle swirls, apply the make up on the desired area. Gently blow away any excess. Continue adding colour until you get the desired colour you want.

The same can be done with her eyes. Using cotton balls or Q tips, apply the desired colour.

You can sand her with the extra fine sponge to reshape the eyeshadow or blusher. Also if you had left dirty smudges anywhere on her face, you can gently sand it away too.

Make up wil have to be reapplied once every few months. However, you can choose to seal in her make up with Mr Super Clear. But do take note of the disadvantages of using Mr Super Clear in the Chapter of Shiny No More.

Make me over with Chalk Pastel!

Changing her eyeshadow colour and blusher Part 2.

An alternative way to do your dolly's make up is to use Chalk Pastel. Do take note to buy Chalk Pastels and not oil pastels.

Have a piece of paper with you. Pick the colour you wish to use for your doll and colour it onto the paper intensely until it forms powder residue on the surface. Do be careful not to get the colours on your hands or fingers or you may end up accidentally leaving prints on the doll in areas you do not wish to leave prints.

Using a cotton ball again, pick up the powder colour on the cotton ball. Blow away excess powder. Then gently dab it onto her cheeks or eye area in dabbing and gentle swirls. It is basically the same procedure as Part 1 from here onwards, only we are using chalk pastel instead of make up.

Do take note that an intense colour cannot be achieved with the chalk pastel. Intense colour can only be achieved with air brushing.

My research into air brushing tells me that it is expensive and for the professionals. The effect is also permanent, so I strongly recommend to using make up or chalk pastel instead.

Give me Angelina Jolie's lips!!

Lip painting

I have not tried this before as I believe you will need a pair of steady hands to paint on a pair of new luscious lips. But for the braver souls, here's what your guide to new hot lips for your Blythe.

What you will need:

Liner Brush. (The finest you can find)

Craft Acrylic Paint in colours you want to mix. (Buy flat, not gloss)

Acrylic Extender

Craft varnish in the finish you want.


Mix your acrylic paint to get the colour the desired colour. The mixture should be 4 parts acrylic paint and 1 part Acrylic Extender. Mix it to ensure it is off a smooth consistency.

My recommendation is to leave the original lip on so you can have a guide when painting the lips on. First line the lips, taking note to keep the sharp edges and corners of her lips. Then picking up more colour with your brush, fill in the lips.

If your mixture is too thin, the original colour of the lips will show through. If that's the case, tissue the colours off with a wet tissue and thicken your mixture by adding more paint to it. Leave to dry when you are satisfied with the colour, thickness and cosistency. Watch out for the air bubbles. Lift them up with the tip of your brush if there are any.

Leave to dry for about 12 hours. If you are happy with the result, use the toothpick to further refine the corners and edges. If you are unhappy with the final colour or result, wash the paint ooff with hot soapy water, taking care not to let the water ruined the rest of her make up if you had done other customization to her face already. If the paint is stubborn, rubbing alcohol will do the trick.

Assuming you like the result, you may now seal in the colour with the craft varnish. Again, leave it overnight to ensure it dries thoroughly.

And yes, you are done now! Say hello to new hot lips!

Find your Lip painting supplies on Amazon!

Give me lashes!!

Implanting new lashes on your Blythe is yet another operation that does not involve having to remove her scalp.

To remove her lashes, you will have to soak your doll head in, in warm water for about 20 min. NOTE!! Warm NOT boiling HOT water. This procedure will serve to dissolve the gule holding the lashes away. The lashes should be practically falling off on its own when you have the doll out of the water.

If the lashes do not come out, use a pair of tweezers to remove the remaining lashes. You will notice that the lashes are glued into the groove. To remove the remnants bits of glue, use a fine needle to clear the glue from the groove.

Now, if you want thicker lashes for your Blythe, removing the original lashes is totally unnecessary. You may just insert the new lashes on top of the old ones. This way, you have an option of going back to stock ones if you like.

Assuming that like me, hate the fake stock lashes the Blythes has, you may find the lashes you want to use from departmental stores. Cut the lashes into the desired length and slot it through the groove.

There are two options to make the lashes hold. The first option, is to buy the fake lashes that comes with a sticky tape already. Slot the lashes in the groove with a needle and push it gently in place with the needle. The sticky tape is enough to make it hold.

The second way, is to use white craft glue. Do NOT use anything stronger than that, as you will damage the plastic in long run. I have also read that you can simply use the eyelash glue that comes with your falsies. They do the job well without damaging the plastic.

Leave the doll to dry. This is a very non invasive procedure that anyone can perform. Have fun!

I am sick of being a Pink eyed doll!!

Changing her eye lenses.

This is another procedure that involves warm water. If you are intending on working on her eye lashes too, I will say dunk her head into warm water again for 20 min.

However, if you want to preserve her lashes, you got to tape her lashes back. Take two cotton balls, soak them in warm water and place them in the eye socket. Repeat this procedure for about 30 min or so. Again, the purpose of this excersie is to dissolve and soften the glue that is used to glue the eyechips to the eye socket.

You will need to buy glue stick for the next procedure. Heat one end of the glue stick to warm the glue, then stick it onto the eye socket, onto the lens you want to remove. Hold it in place till it dries. Then firmly, using the glue stick as a hold, pull out the eye stick in one swift movement.

If you are lucky, the eye lens will come off stuck on one end of the glue stick. If it does not, try it a few more times. It takes a few attempts to loosen it.

Once it comes off, you may replace it with eye chips of your choice. Again, use craft glue for this purpose. Recommended is Aleene's Tacky Glue.

Find your eye chips supply here on eBay!

This is one seller that has been around for some time. Links are also included to teach you how to use their products. The English is not great, but you find a wide range of eye lens here.

Open head surgery for Blythe

This is an invasive procedure but totally necessary if you wish to give her the sleep eye or boggled eye. If you have already hardened yourself to open her head, you will find that, sanding, spraying of Mr Super Clear, changing of eye lens and painting of lip is all easier when the head's opened.

I am not going to pretend to be an expert in this field. Besides, it is a tedious and far more complicated process. I am not going to be able to take you through this with the use of no pictures.

Fortunately, months of research have helped me to find the best of some sites. Below is a link of some very comprehensive pages about opening your dolls' heads.

Watch out for your fingers and good luck!

Sleep Eye Blythe

I have done it!!! It's not a complicated procedure in itself. The difficult part lies in opening up the doll's head which tends to differ in complexity and difficulty, depending on which type you have. Lass Kiss is a radiant type doll and so it was relatively simple.

There are basically 2 ways of giving Blythe "Sleep Eye". One can be done without opening the head at all and the second way by opening the head.

Without Head Opening Method

Things you need:

Crochet Needle


There are two holes at the back of your Blythe's doll. One where the pull stirng comes our from, the other, which is square and has a hook wrapped around it. Using the crochet needle, unhook the the wire hoked around the pole.

TAKE NOTE: Do NOT let go of the metal hook!! Pull it out carefully through the hole and tie your string around the hook. You will find that the normal pull string will shut the eyes to change, but you will need to pull this new string that you have just added to open the eyes.

It sounds easy enough, but this is not the best method. Over time, you will loosen the spring in the doll's head and you will find that you cannot reverse the process if you wanted to.

Head Opening Method:

Using the crochet needle, unhook the wire spring around the pole. Open your doll's head. You will see the area where the spring is hooked to the eye mechanism. Tie your string through the same hole where it is hooked. Slot the string through the same hole where the pull string comes out from and close your doll's head.

It's really that simple! The only hard part is opening the head. Find below a link showing you how to tie the string when the head is open. Have fun!

Boogled Eyed doll!

Coming Soon!

Wink Eye for Blythe

Yes... I am feeling a little reckless of late. I was thinking of giving one of my dolls Wink Eye. So there starts my research on the net again. So far, I have not found anything that is totally comprehensive (I could be really stupid of course!!)

I have also read that changing to Wink Eye will make the eye mechanism very "unstable"... one of the stories I read involved a flying eye I think. But I don't think I am going to give up yet.

Below, is a link for Wink Eye that I found on TIB forum. If anyone has anything to contribute, please feel free to add on. After all, we are all learning from each other and I honestly cannot wait to work out the mystery behind the Wink Eye!

Give me Nicole Richie's bob!!

A guide to hair transplant for Blythe

Ok, so I have never done this to my dolls yet. But as I am planning to do so very soon, I promise that there will be lots of information up here shortly. In the meantime, check out the one link that I found on the net. It's not very comprehensive, but I promise I will find something really good soon.

I will be working on this column still so keep checking back in!

Or if you would like me to feature your doll on Flickr Page, drop me a note on where to find your doll!

Make friends with my Blythe!! - Leave more custom tips, comments, feedback or just say hello!

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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thank you for your words, they have been really helpful for me :)

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Very new to custom or attempting please continue to help and tips to start having fun with it and make overs needed for my girls on low budget single mamma income where to get things and best prices if any tips ideas places etc... Thank u so much

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Thanks for the tips! My Blythes will be made over very soon!

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Hello! I have a question. My Blythes head seems a bit wiggly or loose. How can I fix this?

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Please look at my unique take on Blythe... Tattoed and Rocakabilly Blythe!

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Great lens! I've created a blythe groups... for all things blythe-related. I would be delighted if you would add your customization squidoo to the group. :-)

    • profile image


      11 years ago

      Hello! I have mad a site about blythe and re-ment too! Please check it out~

    • Charlino99 profile image

      Tonie Cook 

      11 years ago from USA

      You have a wonderful lens, and you get a 5 star welcome from OOAKDolls.

    • MisterK1 profile image


      12 years ago

      Very nice lens... 5*****

      Welcome to our hobby group!

    • profile image


      12 years ago

      Hi i am a new owner of four lovely blythe dollys, and as beautiful as they are one has a short hair cut and i want to re root her or send her away to be re rooted, can you help in anyway to give me some information on this matter,


      kind regards

      skye boo boo


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