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40k Army List III

Updated on April 6, 2012

List 3

This list is one of my favorites. Plenty of long distance armaments along with a tough strike force of Vanguard accompanied with none other than the hero of the Tyranid wars Chaplain Cassius. Reroll for missed hits in assault while the vets with Lightning Claws get to reroll their wounds as well. Add the vet with the Power fist and you are prepared to fight off even a Dreadnought if need be. Hopefully that wont happen because you will loose half your Vanguard to a dread real quick. Use Lascannons to eliminate any Dreads before they get near your Vanguard, believe me, you will not regret it.

Cato grantss the tac squad Infiltrate so now they can get real close with those meltas in an Annihilation match or they can get on an objective instantly. Send over the Vanguard and provide a nonstop barrage of Lascannon fire and you will likely hold that objective. Send Cato over personally when it gets more personal. God knows chapter masters and the like will be heading over there to avenge the death of so many of their own.

Even better. Place Telion and the sniper scout in a position to take out the enemy as they approach said objective. If they end up taking it make them pay and unleash hell. Using telion to designate at least his two wounds you will decide the outcome.

Don't Let your teammate do the close up stuff while you pcik off the enemy HQ and vehicles at your whim. Has it worked for me, you ask?

Why yes, it has. Though I have yet to get a lousy Chaos prince or a Space wolf chapter master in Telion's sights since I only just recently acquired the figure. I can't wait to tell Space Wolf boy I place both Telion's wounds on his HQ that makes his Terminators Troop choices. What a load!

This list is designed to keep your most deadly pieces, your Lascannons and Plasma Cannons, safe and cozy while the enemy drops like flies. Add the Vindicator and you have some serious punch. As the enemy closes fire the big Vindy's Demolisher in his midst and watch him explode in righteous indignation. Using the many bolters among both Devastator Squads you can clean up whatever falls out of vehicles on the way with shear math.

As I said this is one of my favorites. For the Emperor!

Lascannons Galore


2nd Company Heavy Support Battalion 2,000pts

HQ – Cato Sicarius - 200pts - Grant Infiltrate to Beta – “Out of Sight Out of Mind”

HQ – Chaplain Cassius – 125pts – No Jump Pack/Join Vanguard in Razorback


Tactical – Alpha Squad Ten Man sq. – Multi Melta & Melta Gun – 175pts

Scouts – 10 man Sq. Sgt. Telion & 1 Hvy Bolter – 200pts

Rhino APC – Des. For Either Sternguard or Dev. Sq. 2 According to Terrain – 35pts


Dev. Sq. 1 - 10 man; 2 lascannons, 2 plasma cannons, Sgt. W/c.s. - 290pts

Dev. sq. 2 - 10 man; 2 lascannons, 2 Missile launchers, Sgt. w/c.s. - 270pts

Vindicator – 115pts


Sternguard – w/2 Miss. L. – 130pts - Using as mini devastator squad

Dreadnought – w/Lascannon and Missile Launcher 145pts


Vanguard – 5 Man - Sgt. w/lightning Claws; 2vets w/L. Claws; 1 vet w/Plasma Pistol; 1 vet w/Power Fist & BP – 240pts

Razorback – w/Twin Linked Assault Cannon – 75pts – For Vanguard


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