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Huges Defender Military RC Helicopter

Updated on September 19, 2015

Huges Defender Military RC Helicopter

Huges Defender Military RC Helicopter is an 18 Inch 3 channel remote control model with Gyro YD-911 is a great starter investment for experienced pilots. The military theme has flashing LED lights and two action figures aboard.

With counter rotating co-axial rotors (for stability) this may be light but that will lend itself to control and maneuverability in a simple control (gyro 3 channel) model you are sure to have fun flying and maintaining.

Huges Defender Military RC Helicopter - PRODUCT FEATURES

18" Huges Defender Military 3ch RC Helicopter with Gyro YD-911 (Black)
18" Huges Defender Military 3ch RC Helicopter with Gyro YD-911 (Black)

Remarkably this almost 18 inch 50 meter range capable RC helicopter is listed as an indoor use vehicle, but, it is featured in the outdoor remote control helicopter series because on a calm day it will be a great model to fly outdoors. I can not imagine using this inside unless the pilot is experienced and the ceilings are high.

The price is affordable as a starter investment and the out-of-the-box components are going to get you started except you will need to purchase the controller batteries (8 AA) before you begin.

Includes a helicopter battery and charger (2 hours charge time for each 9-10 minutes operation)

3 channel transmitter (controller -- batteries not included -- needs 8 AA)

7.4V Li-po battery (removable)

AC wall charger

Owner's operating manual

Durable construction (smaller parts should be purchased as replacements)

Range (between transmitter and helicopter in flight) about 50 meters (


Expanding The Possibilities Of The Defender YD-911 RC Remote Control Helicopter

This particular model is equipped with the most recent electronics and can be adapted through WiFi script. Flight plans can be stored in a ground constructed database and introduced to enhance the flying experience.

Additional thought can be put into the idea of flying more than one RC at a time giving you the experience of handling a squadron in flight. You could easily imagine writing several flight plan scripts that guides the helicopters to fly in formation and land so that they are evenly spaced.

You could continue to add to the scripts and components to develop a situation whereby you would be able to take and store camera shots for commercial purposes - think home photos for real estate purposes.

Defender YD-911 RC Remote Control Helicopter Video Review.

Huges Defender YD-911 Military RC Helicopter Guestbook - Did you find a great Outdoor Remote Control Helicopter?

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