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I am a horrible person - Coffee Mug

Updated on July 21, 2014

Is it penance?

Is it a form of self-imposed penance to tell ourselves we are horrible people? No. What it is, is an easy way out of having any responsibility for the words we spew. It allows us to believe that we are not in control of our own actions.

Let your mug speak for you

The "I am a horrible person" coffee mug will make the statement for you. This way you don't have to willingly engage with the people around you. It's perfect for the workplace, and for bringing along to those nuisance volunteer projects the court keeps mandating you show up to.

Horrible is as horrible does, and if no one bothers to speak to you, well, it will be just that much harder for you to say something inappropriate.

You have a beautiful mind

The "I am a horrible person" coffee mug will change your outward appearance deterring others to engage with you. How sweet is that? You'll become a nicer person, because you admit to being a horrible person... Sound logic is a thing of beautiful minds.

It's a Cards Against Humanity thing

You may be wondering why on earth anyone would want to own a coffee mug that pronounces that they are horrible person. In a sentence; "It's a Cards Against Humanity thing". Cards Against Humanity is the hugely popular card game that goes against the grain of what is politically correct by turning racist, gender bias, and religious comments into a game.

It's not for everyone

The game isn't for everyone. In fact many people are simply offended by it, but for those of us that harbor a dark and cynical sense of humor and/or just want to swim against the stream of political correctness - Cards Against Humanity is as much fun as clowns punching monkeys, clowns kicking puppies, clowns stepping on kittens... Don't delay. Get your mug before someone decides your a decent person.  

Photo Gallery

Cards Against Humanity
Cards Against Humanity

Over 11,000 reviews on - Cards Against Humanity is gaining momentum, and is moving from cult following to semi mainstream.

Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion
Cards Against Humanity: Second Expansion

The second expansion is as wrong as the first, and the game is continuing to excite new followers. - Take it with a grain of salt... Even the liberals are starting to join in.

Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion
Cards Against Humanity: Fourth Expansion

Now into the fourth expansion... This game just keeps growing. Give us Five, Give us Five, Give us Five ...



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