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I Spy Games for Free

Updated on October 7, 2014

Develop Great Visual Skills with I Spy Games

I Spy games for free come in a couple of varieties: there are online games that you can play on the computer and there are printable versions. Either way, they keep anyone puzzling to find all the objects.

Some of the games feature random items to find and other I Spy games follow a certain theme, like animals or school related items.

Photo of I Spy Treasure Hunt: A Book of Picture Riddles courtesy of Amazon. Click the link to check out this picture riddle book in more detail.

The Oxford English Dictionary defines it, under Spy, as "a game in which one player selects an object (visible to all) for the others to guess, giving them its colour or its initial letter with the words 'I spy with my little eye something (blue, etc.) or beginning with -'."

~ Wikimedia, I Spy Game

I Spy Games to Print - Free Printables

I Spy printable games are perfect for taking on road trips. In fact, make your own I Spy travel game using these printable sheets and make all your travels fun!

I Spy Books for Hours of Fun - Finding Objects

One of these I Spy books is the perfect gift for a child any time like when they deserve a reward for doing their chores, a job well done on school work, and for birthdays, of course!

I Spy Games Free Online - Play I Spy on the Computer

These I Spy games can be played online for a quick break or reward for a job well done. We all need to exercise our brains and eyes once in awhile, after all!

I Spy Games to Buy on Amazon - I Spy Books Make Great Gifts

For a fun change of pace, get a child in your life an I Spy book and keep them entertained.

I Spy Games for Special Occasions - Wedding I Spy and I Spy Shower Game

Print some of these free I Spy games for your next wedding shower or baby shower. These will be a great game to get the party started!

Tougher Games -- I Spy for Expert Spies!

More Fun for Kids -- Worksheets and Games and More

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This author, Peggy Hazelwood, participates in Amazon, eBay, All Posters, and other affiliate advertising programs. When you click an advertising link on this page and make a purchase, I receive a small percent of the sale. Thank you for reading this far!

Do You Like to Play I Spy?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      We used to make up our own I Spy GAmes growing up but my good nee, you sure have hours of fun entertainment here and great opportunities to enjoy the learning process...its all good! :)

    • profile image

      shellens 5 years ago

      Love Spy games, nice lens..

    • TonyPayne profile image

      Tony Payne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

      My oldest daughter used to love I Spy games and books, she would spend hours trying to find everything on the pages. These are great fun as well as being educational.