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iBomber Defense Pacific Veteran Level Walkthrough Guide Index

Updated on December 13, 2012
iBomber Defense Pacific
iBomber Defense Pacific

This page serves as an index for the iBomber Defense Pacific strategy guides and walkthroughs for each of the campaign and bonus levels beaten on the veteran difficulty. In addition, you will find information relevant to the levels like the various medals that can be awarded and how to get them.


  • Campaign Walkthrough
  • Bonus Missions *
  • Medals

*This page will be updated as more mission guides are completed.

Veteran Campaign Walkthrough

The campaign in iBomber Defense Pacific consists of 22 missions played as the Allies, in particular the United States, during the pacific campaign against Japan in World War II. Unlike the previous game, iBomber Defense, there is no second campaign played from the Axis perspective. There is also no quickplay mode in this game, however missions beaten can be replayed later.

Campaign Guides:

  1. Kokoda Track
  2. Buna Gona
  3. Savo Island
  4. Guadalcanal
  5. Midway Atoll
  6. Tulagi
  7. Edsons Ridge
  8. Operation Mai
  9. Coral Sea
  10. Alligator Creek
  11. Santa Cruz
  12. Battle of Tenaru
  13. Tarawa
  14. Operation Hailstone
  15. Kwajalein
  16. Truk Lagoon
  17. Hell's Pocket
  18. Tinian
  19. Operation A-Go
  20. Philippine Sea
  21. Iwo Jima
  22. Manila

Bonus Missions

The Bonus missions are unlocked as you progress through the campaign and can be played separately from the rest of the levels in the game. You do not choose which upgrades you receive for these levels and they consist more of constructing mazes with your towers rather than the normal, "cover a path from the best vantage point" type of game-play.

Bonus Level Guides:

  1. Bonus Stage 1
  2. Bonus Stage 2


There are four different medals that you can achieve in each mission, each with their own set of requirements to be awarded. It is possible to earn every medal of the highest quality on every mission, with the means of how to accomplish this covered on a per mission basis in the guides above.

Gold Perfect Round medal.
Gold Perfect Round medal.

Perfect Round

A perfect round is given out for beating a level without letting a single unit past your defense and losing any lives in the process. There are three ranks of this medal, bronze, silver and gold for beating the level on Rookie, Soldier and Veteran difficulties respectively. The mission guides above cover getting the gold medals on veteran difficulty, along with all the other medals.

Earning this medal (any quality) on every level will unlock the Hotshot achievement.

Earning the Gold Perfect Round medal along with the Gold Second Objective medal (veteran) on every campaign level will unlock the God of War achievement.

The Gold Second Objective medal.
The Gold Second Objective medal.

Second Objective

This medal is warded to players upon completing a level's secondary objective which is described in the mission info box. This medal also comes in three different qualities depending on what difficulty the level was beaten on, bronze for Rookie, silver for Soldier and gold for Veteran.

If you earn the Second Objective medal (any quality) on every level, you will unlock the Hellhound achievement. Earning the gold version however, along with the Gold Perfect Round medals in every campaign level will unlock the God of War achievement.

Survivor Medal
Survivor Medal


This medal is awarded to you simply for surviving a level to its end. There is only one type of this medal and is given out the same no matter what difficulty.

Unlike the other three medals, it does not have a achievement specifically tied to it, however completing the campaign (while earning survivor on every level in the process) will unlock the Semper Fi achievement.

Turret Guard medal.
Turret Guard medal.

Turret Guard

The Turret Guard medal is awarded for completing a mission on any difficulty without losing a single turret to enemy fire. You can still sell your turrets and earn this medal, which can be a better option in some cases if you do not have the money to repair one of your guns before it gets destroyed. This is also covered on the veteran difficulty guides above.

Collecting the Turret Guard medal on every one of the iBomber Defense Pacific levels will unlock the achievement Guardian Angel.

Don't already own this game but would like to pick it up? You can find it from the following sources.

Android: Amazon (see right)
Windows PC & Mac OSX: Steam
iOS (ipad, iphone, etc): Apple Store


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    • profile image

      swissbrick 5 years ago

      ok, I went with the advice to go with canons high up, with 2 flamers etc. Great advice, it worked. Replacing the machine guns with canons works well; if you have not completed this level, the ONLY thing that kills the awesome tanks are fully upgraded canons and fully upgraded flamers. Down below I had quite a few flamers as a wall after the channel on the lower side, at least 3 bomb turrets and only at around 32 did I add missile launchers on each side, then a few levels later 1 more each side. True about the AA, you will need 3 even if the are not all fully upgraded, they should be next to a comms tower; of those I had one high, one low. I also had maybe a canon below, but the bomb turrets are more important below, protected by gunners & flamers.

    • profile image

      swissbrick 5 years ago

      Those who finished bonus mission 2, well done! Thanks as well for all the great walkthroughs!

      I am stuck, the double-barrelled tanks kill me at level 32/32. I have tried a gauntlet, with missiles behind flamers shooting down the channels, or from the high ground & canons but I run out of money to upgrade/maintain. Very frustrating. Any schematics, layout advice, build order etc would be appreciated.

    • profile image

      Ricky 5 years ago

      Just completed bonus mission 2. Found it quite easy although a bit nail biting at times. If you slow down and man manage at about lv 30 it should be easy enough. I started down low with a maze type control then started to max things out. Make sure u place some sats early to start gaining interest then as and when you have enough money start placing up high. As said before by about level 32ish you need at least 2x air turrets maxed out with sats about. If u want more info just post a comment. I'll check back in a few days. Thank god that's all I can say. Game completed.

    • profile image

      MattL 5 years ago

      It took about 50 tries for me, too, but I finally finished Bonus 2, though completely differently from the post above. I did everything on the low ground, using a rock-and-roll technique to keep the enemies in one channel. I tried so many times to do it from the high ground, but could not keep enough offense to prevent the low-ground turrets from eventually getting destroyed. One similarity to above, though, was banking heavily with a full comms tower to gain interest between waves 20-30.

      SOE - email me at MattL5755(at)gmail and I'll email you my screenshots.

    • profile image

      Hughsey 5 years ago

      thank you for your advice re the second bonus mission! i must have tried about 50 times before reading this and now I have finally done it. awesome!

    • SOE profile image

      SOE 5 years ago

      Bonus stage 1 guide is finished and published :D


      I appreciate the thanks, truly. Definitely keeps me going :)

    • profile image

      Tmc 5 years ago

      Thanks for all your hard work. I play the games to completion then see how you do it. Your way seems to work best!!

    • SOE profile image

      SOE 5 years ago

      After many failed attempts, I finally got the first bonus mission done and recorded perfectly. Tonight's project will be getting the video processed and the guide written.

      My next tasks are the second bonus mission and finally, Santa Cruz with machine guns only.

    • profile image

      Karen 5 years ago

      Hi, ive tried to complete all perks but I'm stuck on the Santa Cruz mission using only machine gun. Any tips?

    • profile image

      Whatsupnow 5 years ago

      Thanks for the walk throughs. I've just got through the bonus mission 2 - all 40 waves. The trick is to place your canons/heavy artillery on the high ground with a coms tower in the middle and an anti aircraft gun - as in fill every available space with canons and keep on upgrading as the waves progress. The cons tower interest helps so get it in early. Start off with two machine guns on either side of the high ground to catch things in the first few levels and then replace with canons as your budget allows later. You'll need two flamethrowers on either side positioned to slow down traffic as it enters the channels either side of the high ground. You'll need to keep money to repair these in the end especially as they get heavily battered by all the waves of tanks. As your budget allows later you can place some missiles at the end of the channels and strategically place units to slow down the tanks that do make it to towards your base. Finally don't forget to upgrade your anti aircraft guns - you'll need two fully upgraded and maybe a third by the end just to be on the safe side.

    • SOE profile image

      SOE 5 years ago

      Heh, not sure yet, I got stonewalled pretty hard with the bonus missions thus part of the reason for the delay, besides D3 releasing that is, lol.

    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      Bonus 2 is HARD! Is it even possible? I've gotten through to wave 39 only.

    • profile image

      Bricktop 6 years ago

      Awesome guide, excellent work!

    • SOE profile image

      SOE 6 years ago

      Appreciated, got a bit stuck with finish bonus missions, but will have another go after i'm done with my D3 binge :)

    • profile image

      rjmjr 6 years ago

      thank you for your diligence. This guide was a tremendous amount of work. Well done

    • SOE profile image

      SOE 6 years ago

      I'm still working on them, takes time and I am quite busy, but trying to finish the rest of the Pacific guides soon.

    • profile image

      nico54 6 years ago

      Thanks, but where is the bonus mission? Tou didn't talk about that part in ibomber and ibomber pacific... You didn't finish them?


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