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iMobsters – Money is king

Updated on November 29, 2011

iMobsters is a massive multi-player online Mafia game for the iPhone, iPod touch, Android market, and now Facebook, made by Storm8. To be good isn’t good enough. The goal is to become the head Mafia Don. To do this takes a lot of patience, strategy, and knowledge. Like any good crime family, money is king and we will cover the best ways to earn money here.

To make money you have to have money. Whether it is to buy equipment for attacking or defending attacks from other mob bosses, buy equipment to complete missions, or to buy real estate to increase your income per cycle, you can’t do anything without money.

Early in the game, the best way to make money is by completing missions. Be careful though, missions earn you experience which will push you up in levels which you don’t want to do too quickly, otherwise you will be outgunned.

Once you have earned some money through missions, you'' want to invest in real estate. Real estate has several advantages. The first is you don’t earn experience from owning real estate. You can own as much as you can purchase and not level. The second is you earn money from the real estate you own no matter if you own whether you are logged in, or at school or working. It adds to your account at least hourly. One caveat though is that you must login at least once every three days or you will stop earning money from real estate.

Buying real estate in iMobsters is not as simple as it sounds though. Each piece of real estate has a cost and income tied to it. While the income of each real estate stays the same, the cost increases by 10% of the original price for each one you purchase. This makes knowing which one to buy a little tricky. To figure this out, you have to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of each piece of real estate available to you. The one with the highest ROI, is the one you should buy next. This gives you the most income back for the money you spend.

To determine ROI, take the income of the real estate and divide it buy the current cost to buy it. Below are two examples:

Street Vendor:

  • Current cost: 3,000.
  • Income: 50
  • ROI = 50/3000 = 0.01667


  • Current cost: 18,000
  • Income: 250
  • ROI = 250/18000 = 0.0139

Based on the ROI calculations above, the best building to buy is a Street Vendor. You may ask how that is possible when you earn 250 per cycle from a Shack and only 50 from a Street Vendor, but that is how ROI works. The cost to buy a Street Vendor for the income generated is better than for a Shack, as we demonstrated with the ROI calculations above.

This may seem like a daunting task to have to do all these calculations every time you want to buy real estate, but a lot of players have developed spreadsheets and websites to do the calculations for themselves and others. One such website is, Aygabtu iMobsters calculator.

As your income level grows beyond your needs for your level, you can start doing missions again to earn additional income and to level your mob. This is especially important if you have been camping a while because with the increasing cost of each real estate purchase, your ROI will continue to drop. As you level, though, more real estate will become available at specific levels. Typically the ROI for these will be higher than your existing real estate, so it makes sense to raise your level to make these available, allowing you to increase your income faster.

While we’ve only covered income in this guide, we feel it is the most important aspect of the game. We hope to cover other areas in the near future like mob size and ATMs.

Thanks for reading and good hunting!


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