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iPhone App Puzzle Games

Updated on July 8, 2011

iPhone app puzzle games are one of the biggest sellers in the iTunes app store today. Puzzle games for the iPhone encompasses a wide array of titles. The typical jigsaw puzzles and slider picture puzzles to strategy type puzzles. They are all pretty much the same with different pictures, graphics, and characters.

We are going to take a look at a few very unique iPhone app puzzle games available on iTunes. They aren't from big name developers, but having a unique idea typically does come from the smaller guy!

Tiny Puzzle: Unique iPhone App Puzzle Game
Tiny Puzzle: Unique iPhone App Puzzle Game
Tiny Puzzle iPhone App Puzzle Game In Action
Tiny Puzzle iPhone App Puzzle Game In Action

Tiny Puzzle: iPhone App Puzzle Game

Tiny Puzzle is not a jigsaw puzzle and definitely not a picture slider puzzle. When playing Tiny Puzzle, there is no need to place the pieces together with your finger. It utilizes the built in accelerometer to move the pieces around the board.

There are 24 levels within Tiny Puzzle. Each level starts with tiny pieces of a picture that you need to put in place by tilting the iPhone around. Level 1 starts off easy with only 12 pieces. When you reach level 24, there are over 2,800 pieces!

The movement of the pieces is very smooth, almost zen-like. Each level offers you a different picture as well as different sound effects. Once you complete all 24 levels, there is no need to replay the same old game. At any time during your play, you can add pictures from your camera roll or download new pictures from other Tiny Puzzle players. This iPhone app puzzle game will never get boring!

Trainyard - iPhone App Puzzle Game

Another unique puzzle game making waves in iTunes is Trainyard. This one is a puzzle solving game that will keep your mind working and make you addicted to trying to get your train into the correct station (blue train goes to the blue station.) If you happen to be color blind, not to worry! They even have a color blind mode.

With over 100 puzzles and more than 50 bonus puzzles, Trainyard will keep you busy and wanting more.

Video Puzzle: iPhone App Puzzle Game
Video Puzzle: iPhone App Puzzle Game

VideoPuzzle - iPhone App Puzzle Game

VideoPuzzle puts an absolute wrench in the slider game genre. When you think of a slider puzzle game, typically you envision a picture cut into multiple blocks with one missing. Well, think of that but instead of

Hard to imagine, right? Sometimes, slider puzzles are difficult to put together using pictures that don't move. Imagine putting pieces together of a moving image! Not only can VideoPuzzle use videos that come with the app, it can also use pictures or videos stored in your camera roll. In addition to that, a puzzle can also be created using a live video! Talk about unique!

So, the next time you are in the mood for an iPhone app puzzle game, try to stay away from the same thing. Try one of these apps. They are sure to get you addicted and keep you amazed at what the truly talents 'small guys' can come up with.


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