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Ice Cream Trucks

Updated on February 7, 2016

Ice Cream Trucks in the Summer Time

Did you every chant the following when the you thought of ice cream?

Here comes the Ice Cream Truck!

Who doesn't like ice cream in the summer time? And delivered to your street every day. Not just once, twice, but possibly three times a day!

In the 50's and 60's, there were three Ice Cream Trucks that came to our neighborhood during the summer - Good Humor, Bungalow Bar, and Mister Softee. Good Humor and Bungalow Bar sold ice cream bars, popsicles, ice cream cups, and ice cream sandwiches. Mister Softee had Soft Serve ice cream.

My memories are of playing kickball in the middle of the street and hearing the bells or music of the Ice Cream truck coming. Everyone would scream - STOP! STOP! The game would stop and everyone would run home to get money. Of course you would ask your parents what they want just to encourage a positive response when asking for ice cream money. The truck would stop between around 2nd base, and the kids would line up for an ice cream. After we were done eating, the game would resume.

Image: Ice Cream Truck from Amazon

Good Humor

Harry Burt created the Ice Cream pop in 1920 while working in an Ice Cream Parlor. After creating the Jolly Boy Sucker (a lollypop), he developed a chocolate coating for ice cream. His son suggested that he freeze ice cream with the chocolate coating on the same wooden sticks as the Jolly Boy Sucker. Harry called them Good Humor Bars because he felt that one's humor was improved when they tasted his ice cream bars. He also decided to sell these ice cream bars by delivering them door-to-door by men driving trucks with bells.

The trucks are equipped with freezer boxes that are well insulated with cold plates that keep it below zero degrees all day long. It is attached to a compressor that is plugged in every night to -20 degrees.

The "Good Humor Man", who drove the Good Humor trucks on designated routes, dressed according to the Good Humor handbook. They wore all white, black shoes, black belt, a coin changer, and a police style hat. He was supposed to tip his hat to women and salute men.

Good Humor is probably the best known ice cream that has been sold from a truck. The Good Humor Ice Cream truck was in operation for over 50 years until the fleet was sold in 1978. Good Humor ice cream is still being sold in stores.

Image: Good Humor Ice Cream Truck Information

Good Humor Ice Cream

Good Humor had their own special ice creams. These include:

  1. Premium Bar (the Original Good Humor Bar)
  2. Toasted Almond Bar
  3. Chocolate Eclair Bar
  4. Strawberry Shortcake Bar
  5. Candy Center Crunch Bar
  6. Giant Ice Cream Sandwich
  7. Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich
  8. Giant Neapolitan Sandwich
  9. Creamsicle
  10. Red, White and Blue Popsicle
  11. King Cone
  12. Sundae Cone

Bungalow Bar

Bungalow Bar was a brand of ice cream that was sold in the New York City area during the 50's and 60's. It's biggest competitor was Good Humor. They sold their ice cream for half the price as Good Humor. The Bungalow Bar truck had a more old-fashioned look than the Good Humor truck. It had a dark brown shingle roof so that the truck looked like a small bungalow on wheels. The look of the Bungalow Bar truck did not seem as pleasing to kids as the Good Humor truck. In fact, there was a chant that (it seemed) everyone knew about Bungalow Bar:

Bungalow Bar

Tastes like tar

Put it in a jar

And throw it far

I remember singing this chant when I was a kid. Since I was so young, I don't remember the price difference between Good Humor and Bungalow Bar. Truthfully, I didn't care which truck came by, as long as I got money for ice cream from my parents.

Image: Bungalow Bar Ice Cream Truck from Worthpedia

Mister Softee

Mister Softee was founded in 1956 by two brothers in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Mister Softee Ice Cream truck is actually a van. It plays an instrumental jingle while moving.

Their base product is soft-serve ice cream It is served in cones and cups. You can get it plain or with toppings such as sauces, sprinkles and nuts. They also make shakes, malts, and sundaes.

Mister Softee is the only one of these three Ice Cream trucks that is still in operation. Last summer I heard the Mister Softee jingle. I looked up and there was the truck coming around the corner. I was so excited, I got out of my car and bought an ice cream.

Image: Mister Softee Ice Cream Truck from Wikipedia

Ice Cream Truck Novelties

I Am An Ice Cream Truck
I Am An Ice Cream Truck

This is a very cute Board Book. Fun to read to young kids.

Mini Wheels Books: The Ice Cream Truck
Mini Wheels Books: The Ice Cream Truck

A fun interactive Board Book. You read it and they play with it.

Pullback Action Ice Cream Vending Truck by KinsFun
Pullback Action Ice Cream Vending Truck by KinsFun

Great sturdy truck for kids to play with.


Which One is Your Favorite Ice Cream Truck

Image: Ice Cream Truck from Amazon

Which was your favorite ice cream truck?

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