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Imaginext - Where to Find Fisher Price Imaginext Playsets, Castles, Pirates, Dinosaurs and other Imaginext Toys

Updated on September 20, 2011

Imaginext - Imaginext Dinosuar

One of Imaginext's greatest sellers for the past few years has been Imaginext Dinosaurs.

Imaginext specializes in awesome dinosaur figures and they come in all shapes and sizes.

One of their biggest sellers was their famous Spike dinosaur. Spike worked with a wireless remote and had been a huge hit the last few Christmas seasons for both Imaginext fans and even Dinosaur fans that have never even played with Imaginext before. (You can still get your hands on the original Spike in the color red - see items listed below.)

Since then, Imaginext has come out with other great dinosaur figures, both large and small.

Spike Jr. is another popular hit, not to mention Spike the Ultra dinosaur chomper as well as smaller dinosaurs that go with many of the adventure sets.

There are medium sized Imaginext Dinosaurs that can be played with all by themselves. They include T-Rex, Triceratops, Stracosaraus, Spinosauraus and many others!

See below for all of the imaginext Dinosaurs that are available this season.

For larger pictures and more detailed descriptions of each, simply click on the blue link next to the picture.

Imaginext - Imaginext Toy Story 3 Series

Imaginext has come out with some awesome Toy Story 3 figures, playsets, vehicles and other great items from the extremely popluar movie that was released this past summer.

These items are selling out fast before the holidays, especially the harder to find vehicles and figures.

The Imaginext Toy Story Junkyard playset is sure to be one of the biggest hits, because it was such a big scene in the movie and the set does so many fun things!

The next items that are going to be harder to find are the Imaginext Walking Rex figure, the Imaginext Toy Story Garbage Truck and the Imaginext Dr. Porkchop's Spaceship.

These items have only recently been released and are already flying off shelves.

There are some other great Imaginext Toy Story figures and vehicle sets available as well.

Simply click on the blue link next to each item for larger picture and description. 

Imaginext - Imaginext Batman

The Imaginext Batman series is another huge holiday item this year.

Imaginext has taken it a new level with new batman figures, playsets and vehicles after the Imaginext Batcave was such a huge hit last year.

Luckily the Batcave is still available along with the Joker Funhouse and so many new Batman Imaginext items such as:

  • Riddler with Question Mark Launcher
  • Mr. Freeze and Cave
  • Batwing Vehicle
  • Robin and Cycle
  • Imaginext Two Face Figure
  • Imaginext Penguin Figure
  • Imaginext Joker Figure
  • Case of 8 Imaginext Batman Action Figure Set

  • Imaginext Villan Van
  • Imaginext Batman Vehicle Set
  • Batcopter
  • Helicopter Vehicle Gift Set
  • Imaginext Black Penguin Submarine
  • Robin with Superplane
  • Joker Vehicle
  • The Riddler and Car
  • Imaginext Riddler Biplane


Imaginext - Imaginext Castles and Imaginext Playsets

Another item that has always been popular are the Imaginext Castles.

These castles not only provide hours of play, but many of them also allow the use of imagination because of their snap and click abilities for redesign. (My son used to own the Medievel castle and spent more time designing and re-redesigning it than actually using it with the figures.)

Most of these castles come with other special effects as well like sounds, doors that open and close, trap doors, secret entrances, weapons that shoot and so many other great options!

To find out more about each individual castle and what each one can do, simply click on the blue link next to each item. Some of these items even include videos that will show you all of the benefits of each castle or Imaginext playset. You will also find related figures and vehicles that you can purchase seperately to go with your castle.

Imaginext - Imaginext Pirate

Another popular series in the world of Imaginext is their pirate series.

There are quite a few Imaginext pirate ships and pirate playsets to choose from as well as great pirate figures and add-ons to go along with them.

Children can have hours of fun as they have their Imaginext pirate figures going from one of the pirate ships to one of the pirate island playsets.

There are smaller boats and rafts sold separately to help them on their journeys and tons of great sea creatures they can battle on the way, such as an octopus, whale, 2 different kinds of sharks, a sea serpent and other imaginative creatures.


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