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Importance of Chess

Updated on January 10, 2010

Importance of Chess

Chess is one of the ancient games in the world. It has been a source of sport, challenge and entertainment to people for about 1,500 years. Although it is an ancient game, yet it is suited for people of today. Chess has become so increasingly popular that there was a time when chess was considered "Royal Game", but is now a common source of entertainment for a common man.

Why Chess?

In many parts of the world (in schools) chess has been introduced as major part of the curriculum, because chess increases the mathematical and scientific skills of the students. Chess also increases the problem solving skills of the pupils. It increases a sense of confidence and self-worth of a student. It also increases communication skills of a student. It gives us a lesson of hard work and commitment. Chess teaches a child that he/she is responsible for his own actions, and it gives him/her the confidence and courage to confront all the inappropriate consequences. Chess help the children to make more and more friends (as it provides an easy and safe platform for discussion and gathering). The importance of chess is also evident from the fact that many organizations and federations have been established to ensure the development of the sport (For example The United States Chess Federation and Oklahoma’s scholastic chess organization).

Chess Entertainment

Chess provides entertainment, relaxation and intellectual exercise. Chess has all the great characteristics i.e. it's free, it's entertaining and it's moral. Chess has the benefits that can not be ignored in any way. Children who play chess are competent in math, physics and they have a greater ability to carry out research efficiently and independently. Research has shown that playing chess optimizes the concentration ability as well as logical thinking ability of children. It also optimizes the competitive and improvement ability of children.

Chess and Child

Chess is so important for children academically that parents send their children to chess coaching classes, whereas some parents try to teach chess to their children with the help of many books available in the market.

Chess and Health

Chess is also very momentous as far as the health is concerned. A lot of therapies are carried out with the aid of chess as it is considered as one of the form of recreational therapy. Chess keeps mind healthy and healthy mind results in healthy physique (mind controls each and every part of body). Chess is helping and has helped the patients to recover from disabilities and stroke. Chess optimizes the memory performance (as you will have to remember tricks, techniques and rules).Chess improves visualization as you will have to memorize the whole chess board and the pieces. It improves pattern recognition as you will have to remember each and every scenario and compare it with the current scenario. It recovers persons suffering from physical and emotional disability. It helps people to recover from cognitive functioning. Chess prevents improper behavior. Chess prevents anxiety and depression.

Chess can not be ignored by all most all the peoples from any walk of life, because it's a game that has only benefits. It's a vital part of our lives and will be a vital part of our lives even for the next 1,500 years due to its importance in life.

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