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Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil

Updated on July 23, 2010

Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil

The initiate of the sevenfold veil is one of the most interesting and defensive spellcaster prestige class in the dungeons and dragons 3rd edition rules never to make the video gaming world. But there is always hope and tomorrow for the initiate of the sevenfold veil to make it for tomorrow's games. There are seven colours that make up the defensive spellcasting world of an initiate of the sevenfold veil - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. The initiate of the sevenfold veil will create veils of each colour to defect and absorb the enemy spellcaster's spells.

The initiate's first veil - Red veil

The initiate of the sevenfold veil's first veil is the red veil. The initiate can surround herself with the red veil to stop penetrating non-magic missile, bolt and arrow attacks. The veil is passable, but will claim 20 points of fire damage.

Orange and other veils

As the initiate of the sevenfold vein's level increases, more veils can be weaved around the initiate. The orange veil will stop magical missiles and rays from affecting the initate. And then the yellow veil will stop gases, clouds and medusa-like attacks ie petrification. The green veil, the next one, is particularly effective in stopping dragons' classic attacks ie breath attacks. Next the blue veil will prevent all mind control and affecting type spells and also magical attempts to know more about the caster. The indigo veil is the almost ultimate defence against spellcasters, as it prevents all spells and spellcasting like attacks from filtering through the veil. And lastly the violet veil obliterates all things - physical and spell-abilities that pass through the veil. And the violet veil is also a dimensional portal for enemy living things, transporting them to an alternative dimension or plane if a will check is unsuccessful.

The initiate of the sevenfold veil - ultimate weapon

The initiate of the sevenfold veil eventually levels up and obtains the ultimate defensive spellcasting weapon - the Kaleidoscopic Doom. This is a spell that the initiate can direct at an enemy with magical effects on it. If the enemy has 7 magical effects on it, like bless, strength, prayer, etc, then the enemy will be subjected to the 7 veils of the initiate. Quite a sight if the initiate were to be made into the prestige class of a dnd video game.

Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil and other mage prestige class

The initiate of the sevenfold veil is one of the most outstanding prestige class invention of the dungeons and dragons system. This class can be used to create a great role playing game, and a great story. More short stories of the initiate and other prestige class and their abilities can be found in various websites like this. Other little heard of prestige classes include the fatespinner and the green star adept. Stay tuned!


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