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How To Make Fake Cigars For Insects

Updated on May 12, 2009

Making dandelion seed cigars

The first thing one must know about making fake cigars for insects is that the most important thing is imagination. If you do not have any, read no further, because this is not the pasttime for you until you acquire some. Imaginative, read on:

1. Go outside and locate a good clump of dandelions. There must be some dandelions in this clump that are already closed up and have the dried up bit of flower at the top in the stage where it is just about to fall off.

2. Choose one dandelion among the clump that fits the above profile and pick it. You may remove the dried bit of flower for added pleasure, though it may simply fall off when you pick the dandelion. Using your thumb nail, carefully remove just enough of the green bracts to determine if the seeds of the dandelion are dark brown or black-looking in color. If they are not, discard that dandelion and keep trying until you find seeds that are dark brown or black-looking. Color is important because the seeds will be the fake cigars, and they should look as authentic as possible.

3. When you have found an appropriate dandelion, use your thumb nail again to carefully remove all of the green bracts. Take care not to dislodge the seeds with sloppy thumb nail work.

4. Using the thumb and forefinger of one hand, gently grasp the stem-like section between the seed and pappi (the feathery part) and pull away from the base. If the seeds are ready to be cigars, they will easily break apart from the base.

5. What you are holding between your thumb and forefinger are insect cigars. The stem-like portion is what I like to call a fancy cigar handle. I don't think these exist in Real Life, but they do quite well in imagination. If they hinder your imaginative experience, you may remove them. Now you must disburse the cigars. I do this simply by scattering them on ant-travelled sidewalks, but you may come up with a different and equally successful method. Have fun and know that your hard work has paid off.

Cheater's shortcut: If you have few moments of the day to spare for imagination and child's play, there is a shortcut to acquiring insect cigars. However, I must warn that there is little satisfaction in this method for there is no real effort in it. But if you still desire to read on, the method is this: simply locate a dandelion in puff-ball form and rather than blowing the seeds away pluck them off and there you have insect cigars which you may disburse at your leisure. You may even wish to just blow them away and let that be your mode of cigar disbursal. Again I must add there is little satisfaction in the cheater's shortcut.


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    • william.fischer29 profile image

      william.fischer29 6 years ago

      Nice one, Thanks for sharing.

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      asd 7 years ago

      this is grate