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Introduction Review of Garret Ace 250 metal detectors

Updated on April 10, 2014

Garret Ace 250 Metal Detector

Garret Ace 250 is a superb metal detector for the Price. Of course if you spend $1000 or more you will get a better Metal detector but that holds true for anything you buy. Beginner would not find it difficult to operate this metal detector at all. Garret Ace 250 metal detectors came with instructional DVD that will help you all the way to set up and operate this machine. The enclosed video is a tremendous help in understanding the LCD panel. Anyone can start their bounty hunting hobby immediately after they had their hand on Garret Ace 250.

Garret Ace 250 metal detector
Garret Ace 250 metal detector

What to do after recieving this metal detector?

The best thing to do after receiving this metal detector, as suggested by reviews from actual buyer, is to practice with your own coin. Study the manual beforehand and try to get hold of the different sound produced by Ace 250 when it detects those coins. Buyer reports say that they have no difficulties at all finding coins at the depth of four to six inches with Garret Ace 250 metal detector. A short time of practice and you can already tell the different between junk and treasure. You can easily practice this in your backyard before you head out to the beach or park to find some real treasure.

As a tip, setting the discrimination elimination modes helps eliminate the foil from the pull tabs. On the other hand, you might want to leave the pull tab setting on because the nickel and the pull tab must have similar characteristics if nickels are on your to find list. The coin denomination scale is pretty accurate except for nickel and pull tab.

Once you went out, do not be afraid to go to the shoreline since the search coil is waterproof. Lowering sensitivity mode on Ace 250 at shoreline might be helpful as the metal detector might pick up the salt mineralization in the sand and that might give you a difficult time.

Five modes of operation in Garret Ace 250 metal detectors

All Metal Mode: If you do not have specific target, but just want to discover all sort of metal, this mode is a good start. I it is designed to detect every type of metal and should be used when you want to find all metal items or when the materials of the desired object is unknown.

Jewellery Mode: Unreliable metal detector will pick up small ring and pull tab alike. The jewellery mode in Ace 250 helps target such special differences allowing you to find rings and necklaces while eliminating pull tabs, bottle tops and nails!

Custom Mode: The expert mode. Ace 250 lets you use the eliminate feature and eliminate specific target types and save the setting so next time you go you can put it on the Custom mode and search with your own custom set of eliminated trash targets.

Relics Mode: Designed to eliminate trash targets normally associated with relic hunting, while detecting good targets in the lower conductivity range, such as lead and brass.

Coin Mode:This mode is designed to find all types of coins and eliminate trash items such as iron, bottle caps, most pull tabs and other trash encountered while detecting.

Adjustable sensitivity level for various situations.

Use a higher sensitivity level when searching for very small or very deep targets. The lower sensitivity levels in locations where the detector is behaving erratically due to excessive metallic trash interference, high mineral soils, saltwater beaches, or other metal detectors are present.

The Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector ELIM (Eliminate) Function.

The function that lets you eliminate specific types of items "on the fly" while hunting. The ELIM function can be used to modify each Mode's discrimination pattern. Whenever an unwanted target is located while hunting, press the ELIM button to eliminate that Notch (delete the cursor) to eliminate that specific target from being detected again in the future.

Pinpointing Feature in Garret Ace 250 helps eliminating the need of handheld pin pointer?

Some people say that the pin pinpointing feature gives them a little problem. On the other hand some people find this feature make Garrett Ace 250 metal detector an edge comparing to other metal detector. Normally a bounty hunter will need a handheld pin pointer as an addition to their metal detector, but if you can master the pinpointing feature in Ace 250 you will eliminate the need of handheld pin pointer. Playing with the sensitivity while trying to differentiate the sound may help you in mastering this feature. It may take a while, so does other skills in general. They need time and practice to master.

This metal detector is designed for a hobbyist an amateur. Professional rig may cost a thousand dollars and are heavier and have much more complex functions. This is not a cheap toy product, but it is actually can work with great accuracy. For those gadget lovers, most of your gadget can be understood and used without reading the manual, this is not one of them. To master the Garret Ace 250 metal detector reading the manual and watching the DVD are compulsory. That is the beginning of falling in love with this metal detector.

Some words before ordering your Garret Ace 250 Metal detector online - Any Suggestions?

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