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inventory reports sample remote auction house

Updated on September 19, 2010

I've just found the browser remote auction house to be a rather useful way of keeping track and tabs on your inventory when you are on the move. It is helpful in preparing your own mental inventory report with regard to the auction house market movements. To activate the armory browser, you simply have to go to the armory site and sign in and move to the auction house location. It is a rather large swathe of functions like that on the phone, but of course on a much bigger screen.

The key advantage of using the armory browser instead of launching your usual game client to activate the auction house, is surprisingly significant on a laptop. Compared to launching your game client which will totally suck your battery life dry, it is much less tasking to open up your internet browser and do some browsing around and auction sniping. The bad part is of course you can't use your gazillion addons in WoW such as auctioneer or accountant or auditor to perform efficient AH movements. The upside is that you can do this while skiving off at work! It also works okay when your internet connection is just not that good on that day. The much bigger screen really makes things a breeze to work with compared to the tiny iphone. Ah well at leas the new iphone 4.0 will have twice the screen space. It also shows how much transactions you have left remaining. Currently the cap is 25 so it will countdown with you have 20 remaining transactions, 19 remaining transactions and so on. It makes it hard to sync with the inventory reporting addons you have inside the client, as it doesn't work on the browser, so it might turn up as "unknown transactions"

While I've never really hit 25 transactions to really require inventory reporting, using the web browser remote auction house makes it so easy to play with your inventory that I am easily hitting the limit. Once it exists beta the cap would be 200, excellent for relishing all those glyphs. Another side effect is that since auctions are usually cheapest on a Sunday, but a sunday is usually spent visiting relatives this makes for a very efficient use of travel time in joining the phone during commute with the browser at your destination. It is also easy to paste things to an excel spreadsheet for your sample inventory sheets in keeping track of where your gold goes.


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